Multiple Income Streams from Automated Money Making Blogs HTML version

You are about to learn about a way to generate automated income with blogs, blogs which you set up in
different niches and areas of interest that al have ads running with related products that viewers to them will
find of interest, click and earn you commission.
This publication will introduce you to Simeon Tuitt Directs Profit From Blogs Blueprint. In case you are not
familiar with what a Blog is, it is basically an online diary where you share and post updates about yourself, a
subject or interest that others will find of interest and revisit to read what you have to say, they can even
comment on your blog postings and it makes blogs a great social tool for personal or business promotion.
Earn From Contextual Related Ads On Your Blog
Through the next few pages you’re going to learn how to set up your very own blog and how to integrate ads
for related information products to it that will generate you commission each time someone clicks and orders
the product mentioned. All the products you will have running ads for on your blog are information products
that are instantly downloadable the moment someone buys, so there is no shipping and instant customer
gratification. Since there are no shipping costs you can earn commissions as high as 50% - 75% from each
sale you make, below you will see an example of one of my blogs with contextual ads at the top of it.