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The Seven-Spot was the local hangout spot for Jeffrey To mbs and his good friend Steven Wright,
and on a Saturday, right around the time that the clubs were due to send women and men unlucky in love
home, these two men stood outside of this fa mous store, munching on nachos and hotdogs.
“I thought it was going to be colder tonight,” Jeffrey said, and took a bite of his hotdog. “I really
did. I must say I‟m glad, because I really don‟t want to be home right now.”
“Why not?” Steven had nacho cheese on his face. It seemed that whenever Steven ordered nachos
(nachos for Steve consisted of an open bag of Doritos opened up and drenched with nacho cheese from the
cheese dispenser) he always had cheese on his face.
“There are roaches the size of rats running around, right now.”
“I don‟t see how you have such a big roach problem man. Colorado isn‟t even a big city for
roaches. What you consider big for roaches is probably nothing down in the South.”
Jeffrey shrugged. “Perhaps. Still, if I can help it I want to stay out until the sun shows up in the sky.
At least until there‟s a little light. The roaches will practically attack me if I go home now.” The thought of
roaches alone made Jeffrey litera lly shudder, and this was something he had to resist doing in front of Steven
so he wouldn‟t look like a punk.
“I have family that lives in the South,” Steven said. “I‟ve visited, and trust me when I say I‟ve seen
far worse out there than you‟ll ever see here.”
“How do you know? You‟ve never really gotten a chance to see the roach situation at my
Steven shook his head, munching away on his nachos. He swallowed. “Trust me, I can say with
absolute certainty you‟ve never seen the type of shit that I‟ve seen in the roach infested homes. The fact that
I‟ve been in your place and each time can stay there for a couple hours or more without seeing a single roach
tells me that you don‟t have a real issue.” Steven shoved his hand in his bag of cheesy mess and pulled out
another cheese soaked Dorito and shoved it into his mouth. “I have family out in Texas that have houses that
are infested.”
Jeffrey said nothing, and took another giant bite of his chili dog. The parking lot was empty, four
solo pumps blanketed in a cool white glow from the standalone roof‟s recessed lights. Behind this small