Morning Star - Alignment HTML version

Morning Star
Phelps Kansas
April 23, 1947
Part 1
The crash of the screen door, raced through the house like a shotgun
blast. Loud footsteps tromped through the entrance hallway, waking the
sleeping cat contently napping on the steam radiator. The footsteps
stopped and the room fell still. Only the sound of the rain tapping on
the tin shed outside broke the silence. In the center of the room stood a
terrified young man, dripping water on the floor and shaking from the
cold. For a moment, the room was quiet and the cat laid its head back
down, squeezing its eyes shut for another nap.
"Mother!" screamed the boy from the kitchen. "Mother help! Dad’s
been hurt!"
The stillness was again broken, but this time by the sound of hurried,
muffled footsteps from above. He looked up and listened to the
footsteps scrambling from the upstairs bedroom, across the hallway and
down the staircase. The door swung open at the bottom of the staircase
striking the wall behind. His mother entered the kitchen and stood,
panicked, winded and wide-eyed. Before her stood a boy of fifteen
years of age, soaked from head to toe, and covered in mud. His
horrified mother looked into his eyes perceived his fear, and hot lead
shot through her veins.