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Morinda's Desire: A Vampire Story HTML version

Morinda’s Desire
Chapter 1
A visitor in the night
A loud rapping on the door got the attention of Mrs. Emily
Baker and her husband Chuck who were sitting in their living room
watching television. The Bakers, both in their late sixties, lived in the
same farmhouse they bought when they were married and still enjoy
the quiet of the country after retiring from farming for forty years.
Chuck sat like a statue staring at the television as his wife got off her
chair to answer the door. She opened the door to find a young woman
standing in the dark of the evening looking a bit ragged and desperate
for help. “What can I do for you honey?” Emily asked.
“I’m sorry to bother you, I don’t usually do this, but I haven’t
eaten in days and I was wondering if you had anything you could
spare?” the young woman asked. Her name was Morinda, and she had
been on her own living off the kindness of strangers ever since her