Moonlight Misery HTML version

Moonlight Misery
‘God, if__ there was another way, anything other than this,’ Tom sobbed, his
heart heavy as he decided to continue with his plans. ‘I really must get rid of
the little ones tonight__ I have to get rid of them.’
There, in the icy moonlit garage, Tom was startled by a noise outside.
Seemingly frozen to the very spot, he stared wide-eyed at the slowly opening
garage door. The shadowed figure of his wheelchair bound wife appeared
before him, sending his entire body into a guilt-ridden surge of quivering
‘Tom__ Tom__ what on earth are you doing?’ Emily quizzed, shivering
underneath the raincoat that was pulled up over her head. ‘What are you
doing out here in the dark?’ Emily continued, entering the garage to stare
directly at her stunned husband. ‘What are you doing, Tom?’
The overhead fluorescent light buzzed noisily as it illuminated the chilled
garage, Tom dropping the knife as he stood still, like a naughty schoolboy
being caught by the headmaster. His mind raced anxiously as his eyes scanned
back and forth between his confused wife and the hosepipe that was secured
by the passenger door window.
‘Oh Emily__ please forgive me,’ Tom sobbed heavily, his broad shoulders
drooping with guilt as he then sank to his knees with shame. He buried his
tear-stained face into his wife’ lap and gripped both her hands tightly as he
continued to weep uncontrollably.
‘My God, what is it, Tom?’
‘I’m so sorry; I just can’t go on like this, Emily. I just can’t cope anymore.’
‘Come on, love, tell me what’s wrong,’ Emily said, gently stroking Tom’s head.