Moonlight Misery HTML version

Moonlight Misery
The village slumbered still and silent in the tranquil quietude of winter’s night,
unaware that in their wakening, they would learn a shocking truth of the local
butcher and of the innocent lives that was his intention to end.
Heavy darkened clouds drifted lethargically across an icy moon, not yet
complete in its roundness. A rotund, silhouetted figure crept with cat-like
caution from the house then disappeared with secreted intent into the garage.
Dressed in heavy woollen sweater and loose-fitting jeans, Tom grunted
breathlessly as he leaned forwards to place a cardboard box down at his
slippered-feet. His attention then turned to the house, his mind spiralling with
tormented anguish as with wetted eyes he stared solemnly through the dusty
glass to focus on the bedroom window where his two children slumbered
‘God forgive me this night,’ Tom sighed heavy-hearted. ‘I have to get rid of
them tonight.’
Touching a chubby-fingered hand over thinning hair, Tom was unable to stem
the purl of sorrowful tears that rolled down puffed cheeks, his heart pounding
with desperate guilt as he pondered the consequences of his intended actions.
‘I__ have no choice__ God Almighty. If only there was another way. Damn, I
just can’t bloody cope anymore. They are growing up so fast.’
With heavy heart, Tom gripped thick fingers around the handle of the knife
that lay on the workbench, swallowing hard at the lump that formed in his
throat. There, he stood illuminated by the gentle glow of the watchful moon
that seeped through the skylight, arms folded in anxious thought, his head
bowed then with guilty sorrow as again he questioned his actions.