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You ask me what comes after 2

so I reply ‘4’.

‘No, no, Michael’ you say,

‘It’s 3, it’s 3. Okay!’.


I try to correct you

but you just won’t listen!
















































If I were an astronaut

I’d fly across deep space,

and fight off all the aliens

to save the human race.


If I were a pirate

I’d get a lot of pleasure

from sailing in my boat each day

then digging for some treasure.


If I were an animal

I’d have an eagle’s claw,

a rhino’s tusk, a dragon’s tail,

and roar a lion’s roar.


If I were a grown up,

life would be so great.

I’d give out all the orders

and go to bed past 8!


































We keep a dragon in our loft.

Our neighbours are afraid.

Our dragon’s not like others though,

and breathes out lemonade!



















































We looked at flowers today

because it is Spring

and saw a Bumble Bee sting a daisy.

The Bee was happy but then a wasp chased it


The Bee was scared because

If you get stung by a wasp

you turn into one

and have to spend most of

the day buzzing at windows.













































My ears are purring like a cat.

My eyes are flapping like a bat.

My hair is leaping like a frog.

My nostrils bark just like a dog.


My stomach buzzes like a bee

My shoulders jump just like a flea

My funky moves go ‘Moo, moo, moo’

My legs sing ‘Cock-a-doodle-do’














































My Daddy has very big ears

as he can hear me say

‘Bogey’ even when I whisper it

under my breath.


He hates me saying ‘Bogey’

but sometimes I forget,

which makes him quite upset

and ends up with me on the naughty step.


Saying ‘Bogey’ makes me laugh,

but not as much as saying ‘Bum!’








































Frankie the Spoon

went up to the moon

to see how the stars were made.


They were made from custard

and plenty of mustard

and lashings of real lemonade.

















































My Mummy heard

me say a naughty word

and said that’s the third

time I’ve told you to

stop using it.


I got upset

and wept

as she put me

on the naughty step.


I stamped my feet

and beat my chest

to see if she

could pass my test.


She left me there

for 3 whole minutes

and waited

‘til my tantrum finished.


She asked me if I understood,

that naughty words are bad, not good.

I told her ‘Yes’, and then ‘I’m sorry.’.

She hugged me and said ‘Please don’t worry.’



Later, I asked Mummy

to repeat the naughty word

as I’d forgotten what it was

and did not want to take the blame

if I used it by mistake again.




















Moo-Moo the Doodle

and Snoodle the Woodle

live in a house quickly drawn.

The windows lean right,

and the door is so bright

the daisies wear shades in the lawn.


Moo-Moo the Doodle

can speak Cock-A-Doodle,

and wears on her head half a hat,

whilst Snoodle the Woodle

likes chasing caboodles

which are badgers that look like a cat.


The sun isn’t round

and lies on the ground

viewing the doodles above.


A car in the sky

likes trying to fly,

and searches for parachute love.


Our story begins

as bumble bees sting

speech bubbles that like saying ‘Boo!’,

and Moo-Moo is sat

in her half eaten hat,

thinking of fun things to do.


She sketches a bike,

and a princess shaped kite,

then talks about drawing more hats.

A Croco-Snake stirs

and says she prefers

things more exciting than that.


“I like Rockets, and planes,

and engines and cranes,

and dream about jumping on stars.

I’d have a big race

throughout outer space,

and eat strawberry ice-cream on Mars”.


“That’s great, but you see,

It’s not really me.

I need to do something I like.

I like when I sing,

or go for a swim,

or have a quick ride on my bike.





But I haven’t a clue

which one I should do.

Oh please can you help me decide?”

The Croco-Snake smiled,

and said “My dear child,

when choices arise, I just hide.


If you want some advice,

do everything twice,

and that way you just cannot lose”

“But that isn’t fine.

I haven’t the time.

There’s only one thing I can choose.”


The Croco-Snake ran,

and Moo-Moo began.,

thinking again what to draw.

She sketched a guitar,

bouncy ball, and a car,

when a ‘Slugglebug’ yawned “Be a bore”.


Things tire me out

much more than a ‘Shout’,

draw pictures of’Zzzzzzs in the sun.”

“I could, but you see.

It just isn’t me.

I need to draw something that’s fun.


I’ve drawn quite a few,

but which should I do?

I wish that my mind could be strong”

Well, if you can’t pick

your choices that quick,

then that means your options are wrong.”


“They must be alright

as they’re things that I like,

but then again, now I’m not sure”

“When choices are many,

I wouldn’t do any.

Just rest, and then rest a bit more.”


“But how can I rest,

when I’m feeling distressed.

Options are really not fair.”

The ‘Slugglebug’ crept

away to his left,

replaced by a wise owl-bear.


The ‘Owl-Bear’ said

“You think with your head,

when really it should be your heart.

Doing something is best,

then anything next,

and the something for you is your ‘art’.

“Oh yes, now I see.

That is really me.

Oh, Owl-Bear, you are the best.

Perhaps deep inside

I couldn’t decide

as all that I drew I liked less.


The owl-bear flew

to a scribbly view

and ‘Twoo-ed’ “May your dreams all come true.”


Moo-Moo felt great,

and though it was late,

sang ‘Cock-a-do-do-doodle-do’


The sky became dark,

and soon a known bark

was heard in the distance from Snoodle.

He ran from a farm

into Moo-Moo’s arms,

and the two had a big hug-a-doodle.


Moo-Moo said “Hey,

I’ve so much to say”,

and Snoodle barked “Me too, my friend”.

They spoke for a while,

then slept with a smile,

and that’s how our story does end!.”

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