Monica: A Tragic Romance HTML version

They were picked up by a fellow from the patch where they lived and as the auto proceeded on its way, another passed theirs, making
the driver of their car very mad. This event took place near the country club on Hulton Road. In an effort to tell the driver of the
passing auto what he thought of him, Ollie pushed the gas pedal of his old Packard to the floor, but never did catch the passer.
Nevertheless, he drove down the steep hill with the gas pedal to the floor scaring hell out of his teenage passengers.
"Here I am now, racing down the same hill and getting paid for it," he whispered, "but for a much better reason."
The ambulance driver switched on the signal to make a left onto the Boulevard. He slowed down, then wheeled the vehicle onto the
red and yellow brick roadway.
He pressed on the pedal to feed the engine more gas, then slowed down for the first intersection he reached until he was sure all other
drivers were going to let him through.
The ambulance continued onward to the next crossing, slowing down once more. An auto coming from the right wasn't going to stop.
The small vehicle had its left turn signal blinking.
The paramedic hit the brake in the ambulance just as the automobile stopped. Squinting from the bright orange box was a little old
woman. She looked up, raising her head back to peer through her bifocals to see who was blowing the horn.
"Get the hell out of the way!" yelled the medic.
"Stick it in your ear," warbled the old lady.
"If you don't get out of the way, I'll push you onto the railroad tracks! " admonished the ambulance driver.
"You can't speak to me like that," retorted the woman.
The driver of the ambulance began to move his vehicle toward the obstinate driver, whose mouth opened in crocodile style when she
saw that her adversary meant business. She needed no further prodding and quickly gunned her bucket of bolts into a telephone booth.
"I guess I scared the little old lady," smiled the medic, "but I didn't drive her into the phone booth."
"Luckily, a police car happened along and the policeman inside saw to the little orange car and its passenger, enabling the ambulance
to continue on to the hospital.
Once more the red light atop the ambulance signaled the necessity for letting the vehicle pass in a hurry. They encountered no more
opposition in traffic on the way to their final destination.
Within a few more minutes the driver could see the eight story redbrick hospital and the sign on the front lawn displaying the location
of the emergency entrance.
He slowed his vehicle as he approached the driveway, then edged into a right turn toward the emergency area.
Before he had the ambulance backed to the glass doors, two nurses and an intern had rushed through the entrance and were standing
on the curb waiting to open the rear doors. The red and white people carrier came to a halt and the medical personnel began the task of
removing Bob and Monica.
"The man seems to only have a bump on his head, but may have -internal injuries," said the paramedic who had been riding in the rear
of the ambulance. "We did give him a shot to quiet him down, but he wasn't complaining about anything except being strapped on the
cart. That's why I don't think he really has any problems other than the large goose bump. The woman has lost a lot of blood, but the
flow was stopped due to direct pressure applied by a truck driver who came onto the scene of the accident. She may have a fractured
skull and we believe she has internal injuries, possibly to the spine, because her body was twisted in the wreck."
Both nurses helped the driver paramedic push Bob down the corridor to a room near the emergency reception area.
The other paramedic and doctor pushed Monica along very rapidly to the emergency room, where they lifted her onto a padded table.
Grabbing hold of the cart used to carry her in, the medic pulled it through the swinging doors back into the hallway.
The intern set about doing what he was trained to do for his investment of forty thousand dollars. He looked at the head wound and
called for a nurse to come and clean the scalp so he could stitch the open gash, which had started bleeding once more.
"Yes, doctor," the chubby nurse spoke as she came to the table. "Please clean the wound so I can stitch?" responded the doctor.
"Certainly," she responded and proceeded to use a cleansing agent on the wound.
The doctor prepared the stitching apparatus and when he saw the nurse finish, he immediately began sewing, using fourteen stitches to
close the wound.
"Now that we have that taken care of, we can check for other injuries," the intern said placing the tools into the nurse’s hands so they
could be re-sterilized.
He examined the rest of Monica's body finding only bruises and minor scratches.
"I think we better have her X-rayed to determine the extent of the head injury and any other body injuries," he said. "Call and have the
technician prepare for X-raying," he ordered the woman in white.