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The Wright Brothers’ First Plane
When many people think of flight, the first thing to come to mind is Orville and Wilbur
Wright, who built and the piloted the first aircraft. While this happened over a century
ago, people are still fascinated with the pictures of the first airplane.
Join us as we honour the forefathers of modern flight, and feature pictures of the Wright
brothers’ first airplane.
Research and Development
When you look at the Wright brothers’ plane pictures, remember that designing,
planning and building an aircraft takes a lot of time. Here are the major steps of their
The first Wright aircraft was actually a glider flown on a string, much like a kite. To
improve the model, they spent time observing birds to learn about wing shape and lift.
The kite glider then went through multiple iterations, and by 1900, they had developed a
glider and successfully demonstrated it in a piloted flight.
More gliders were constructed after the flight, and by 1902 they decided to build a
powered aircraft.