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7 Secrets To Building A Productive Downline

Presented By: Mira GRECU

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The aim of this eBook is to help you build a productive downline in any company or program you may be involved with now or in the future.

The secrets youll discover below are not really secrets at all; instead they are the actual ideas and strategies that have worked for me and many of my team members who have taken action and applied them.

This eBook is dedicated to those of you that apply the secrets revealed here and take massive, life changing action!


00001.jpgSuccess is Yours!


00002.jpgLana Robinson


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SECRET ONE Become The Sponsor You Never Had 7
SECRET TWO How To Recruit Properly From Day One 10
SECRET THREE What You Must Send All New Members 13
SECRET FOUR Avoiding Time And Energy Leeches 16
SECRET FIVE Why You Need A "Viral" Recruiting System 19
SECRET SIX How To Hook A Big Fish 25
SECRET SEVEN Tying it All Together 27
Your Bonus Video Tutorials 30 What You MUST Have to Succeed Online 31


Allow me to start first by congratulating you for having the courage to go after your dreams and pursue a better life for you and your family. Despite the pitfalls youll likely face, don’t ever quit... your freedom is worth it!

Second, I want to help clarify some of the "lingo" that exists out there; some of which can be confusing.


As far as I’m concerned, the terms:

* Network Marketing * Affiliate Marketing * Multi-Level Marketing * Referral Marketing ... are all very similar.

In other words, if youre getting paid on any "Multi-Level" including a 2 tier affiliate program all the terms are pretty much interchangeable. However, there are a few exceptions...

Certain affiliate programs pay you only one time on your personal referrals.

Others will pay you on one level as well, but pay you over and over each month as long as the customer that you referred remains a customer. This can add up to a nice monthly income over time if youre willing to work hard at first and if the product is something like website hosting that the customer will likely use for years.

But to sweeten the pot even more, wouldnt it be nice to get paid when the people you refer make a sale and the people they refer make a sale?

As you may already know, programs that have their commission structure set up this way are typically known as "Network Marketing" companies and also require a monthly commitment. However, in my opinion, this is the best way to go for long term residual income :-)

Before we get to Secret One, first a question...

Do you know the ONE thing all successful network marketers have in common?


- Its not that theyre smarter than anyone...


- Its not what type of product they sell...


- Its not that they got in early...


- Its not that their up-line was the best...


The one thing that EVERY serious network marketer agrees on is that you must be able to teach your team to duplicate in order to sustain long-term growth.

And that is the very reason I created my free online recruiting system; to provide net marketers like you with a proven recruiting system that duplicates for YOU while youre out doing other things like enjoying your free time with friends and family. :-)

Please pay close attention, because the ideas and concepts youll learn here are the same concepts that are responsible for growing a downline from 16 to over 4,293 members (as of this writing) in six months and added over 8,215 people to a subscriber list.

May they do the very same for you :-) Now lets get to those secrets!

SECRET ONE Become The Sponsor You Never Had

As Network Marketers, most of us have searched and searched for a simple yet effective way to "Clone" ourselves; knowing that if we could overcome the duplication problem we would reach the levels of success we ALL dream about in this business.

The problem is that 95% of the people in a MLM business usually fail. The inability to duplicate, I believe, has a lot to do with it.


Lets say the 95% failure rate is accurate for a minute...

Im not the best at math, but that would mean that 5% of the people in this business are successful and some probably wildly successful? Its also likely that most of us are recruited into a program by someone in the 95% category.

Now for those of us that want to join the ranks of the 5%, its our job to sift through as many prospects as we can until we find other 5%ers like us; people who want to work hard and build a long term residual income business.

The problem for me was I had to figure out how to do this while I kept my full time job. My family needed health insurance and my son was about to start college… and while I cant stand my current job, it does provide us with needed things such as insurance and helps pay a few bills.

The solution for me was to build a system that sorted and sifted for me while I was working at my full time job. The great part about it (and honestly shocking too) is that it worked like crazy and my team started to explode. It literally felt like I hit the JACKPOT at a casino or something. With one big difference though... I get paid every month and it keeps growing and growing with each passing month :-)

(Youll learn how to do the same a little later)


For now, let’s talk more about the solution.


Its simple actually...


You need to "Become The Sponsor You Never Had" (as I like to call it) and become a leader for others to follow.


Thats it... it really is THAT simple!


Do you think youre up for it?


I didnt think I was when I first started...


But I did know one thing... If I didnt step up to the plate right then and give it a shot, when would I ever get around to it?




Next week?


Maybe Never...


Would I step up to the plate "after" I became successful (never works that way) or would I step up right then and start leading?

It was at that point that I made the strengthening decision to take charge of my life and start branding myself as a leader in this business and it was the best decision I have ever made!

Now, before you take the same plunge, the one thing you must "Get" first is that it all starts from within you...


The strengthening decision to become a leader and really go for it is the first step and one you must take seriously and follow through on.


That really is the true secret to this whole crazy "success" thing.


By stepping up and becoming the sponsor you never had, you will end up in the 5% ranks much sooner, opposed to later or never.


And just to be clear... when I say "Become The Sponsor You Never Had" Im mainly referring to a mindset or philosophy...


The philosophy of wanting more from life and knowing that helping people and making a difference is whats its really all about.


"You Can Have Everything You Want In Life If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want." – Zig Ziglar

That mental shift is all I needed in order to help my team expand and duplicate. This same mental shift may be all you need to take your business to the next level. Only you will know.

Once I stopped thinking about "making money" and started thinking about how to help others make money is when I started to make money. (Read that sentence slowly one more time)

My confidence level seemed to skyrocket too after I stopped focusing on how "I" could make money.

Im sorry to be the one to tell you this, but if youre in a tight spot right now and needing money is your main motivation for getting involved in network marketing... your chances of attaining success will be severely hindered.

Hindered, yes. Impossible, no.


This eBook is going to reveal how you can step up to the plate and transform yourself into a leader and start succeeding.


Its time to stop following the 95%ers around and its time for YOU to start leading them!


Lets get to work...

SECRET TWO How To Recruit Properly From Day One

If you ask any successful Net Marketer they will tell you that in order to successfully build your Network Marketing business you must first uncover what it is your prospect wants. Then you must teach them to do the same once they start prospecting.

Is the person youre talking to deep in debt?


Do they just want a few bucks each month for the extra things in life?




Do they want to build a huge MLM organization and be filthy rich and travel the world and live like a rock star?


These are important things you must know first before you start talking about your product or business opportunity.


The easiest way to uncover this information is to ask specific open ended questions...


Question such as:


"Can you tell me why you’re looking to earn extra money from a part time business?"


"How would your life change if you had an extra $1,000 coming in each month?"


"Tell me a little about your last experience with a home business or will this be your first time?"

...Then be quiet and listen, I mean really listen! Listening will build rapport and great rapport has built empires!
The less you talk and more you listen... the bigger and faster your team and income will grow.

This prospecting technique can be done using email, the phone, and instant messenger programs.


(Later Ill reveal how I used traffic programs and my instant FREE recruiting system to get people to approach me asking how they could make money online.)


Below is a guest article that proves why asking questions is key...


=== BEGIN ===


"Why Am I Talking To This Prospect?" By David Ledoux


I just got off the phone with Clark, a young eager member of my downline. We were celebrating him enrolling his first downline partner.


How exciting!

Hes been learning to work the cold market while test marketing his products to his warm market. Hes putting out about 1,000 drop cards a week, and hes starting to get a steady stream of prospect calls.

I asked him a loaded question to see how he would respond.


"Clark, whats the real purpose of phoning a prospect?" I said.


He thought for a minute. Then he hit me with a profound answer for a rookie.


"My job is to uncover what their needs are and help them to see how this business can solve their problems."


My mouth was slightly agape. I know I sure didnt think that way when I started in the MLM industry back in 1988.

I needed to sell product so I could make money to buy food. I needed to recruit them so I could make money to buy food. Funny how an empty stomach was my motivation!
And its no wonder my numbers stank in the beginning. I was always telling and selling instead of uncovering their need.

Heres a little training tip...


Write this phrase on a post-it note and stick it near the phone:




I appreciate you.


Good luck in your business!

David Ledoux has been involved in the network marketing industry for 15 years. To discover more jealously-guarded secrets of making $100,000 or more every year through MLM check out his new book, The Ultimate MLM Blueprint for Massive Success. The book and a FREE MLM Training e-zine are available online.
=== END ===

This simple yet extremely effective secret, once mastered, is all you and your team need to remember and act on when prospecting. This works whether you do it via email, phone, face-to-face or any form of communication.

Its best if you avoid talking about the company or product until you figure out how it will fill their need.


Your prospect may have a completely different reason for wanting to get involved in a home business than you do.


I cant stress how important this simple, yet crucial part of the recruiting process can impact your level of success and help expand your empire.


Remember to teach this to your team along the way and success in Network Marketing will be yours.

SECRET THREE What You Must Send All New Members

Fair warning...

What Im about to tell you may seem like common sense and overly obvious, but trust me when I tell you that many people do not do this, yet if they did, their income levels would increase. This is important...

The one simple thing that you MUST send your new members is...


==> A personal "WELCOME EMAIL" from YOU!


I know its not rocket science, and yet some people just dont do it.


If you havent been doing this -- start today. Make it a habit to send a welcome email to every new member you sponsor.

Later on youll find out how to get your hands on the welcome email that I send to all my new partners. The email itself contains one little sentence which has made it viral in nature and has helped our team expand in a big way.

After you send a welcome email to your new members you should keep in touch about once per week via email or you could contact them by phone. I prefer to use email. Another great idea is to create a support forum for your team. The one a lot of people use is free and can be found here: http://www.freeforums.org

Getting your new members trained is now your top priority! Ill reveal more about that a little later on in this eBook….


Here’s a FREE Sanity Saver Tip:


Not everyone is trainable or coachable! (more on how to handle this in secret four)

Have you ever sponsored someone in your program and they didnt do much at all but complain that nothing is working or they told you theyre going to "Wait and see what happens?"
What does that mean anyway, "Wait and see...?" Wait to see if someone builds their team for them?

Wouldnt that be nice? If you find someone like that, please let me know and Ill sign up under them right away ;)

Now, in reality, there is an extremely effective, yet simple, method that I use to help my new members out and at the same time I discover who my new potential leaders are.

Here’s what you can do:

Give your new members an assignment... You could request that they read a free report or e-Book about Network Marketing (or even this eBook you are reading right now.)

Have them contact you after they read the eBook and tell you what they learned and how they think it will help them in their Network Marketing business.


This accomplishes two very important things:


1. As I mentioned, it lets you know who your potential leaders are. 2. And allows you to identify who gets priority help from you.

The people that get back to you with feedback are those you will want to remain in touch with more often.
In Secret four Ill go over the importance of being selective about who you choose to help and not help. Yes, there are people who are not worthy of your help or time, as cruel as that may sound. I have struggled with this for a long time. Some people just simply cannot be helped and they are what I refer to as „time suckers.

The bottom line...

Be sure to contact every new downline member you sponsor and let them know you are there to help them. Include your phone number and email address and let them know you have an "Open Door Policy" which means they can contact you whenever they need help.

Just let them know when youre available and what method of communication works best for you.


Will they contact you?


Theres an old saying or cliché in Network Marketing that answers that question nicely...

Some will. Some wont. Who cares? Whos next?

Let us move on...

SECRET FOUR Avoiding Time And Energy Leeches
would like to share with you my personal experience related to this secret...

When I first started online in network marketing, I learned quickly that helping people was going to be the way that I earned money from the Internet. Its been a wonderful journey and I keep learning more and more ways to help others everyday and I love it.

However, I didnt always feel this way...


You see, one of my favorite quotes is from Zig Ziglar:


"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."


Ok, that sounds all fine and dandy unless you do what I did...


I took Mr. Ziglars quote literally!

I thought it meant that I HAD to help everyone who asked for it. And thats exactly what I did and almost went crazy. I wont go into details here but I worked my butt off helping the wrong people.

Sound familiar?

The truth is a lot of people didnt want my help. They dont want your help or help from anyone for that matter. Theyll ask for it and think they want it, but they really dont.

What they want is for someone to do the work for them because they are lazy. Its true.

Whats mind blowing to me is that as information becomes more and more available to us (compared to a hundred years ago) the lazier and lazier we become...
Side note: I have a member of my team that calls me like clockwork every Friday and tells me how tired he is, and how he just cannot find the time to work his business but that he needs to make money so badly so he doesnt get evicted. He basically complains a lot. Ive given him everything he needs… expect for taking a snow shovel and scooping it under him to help him get off his back pockets so he will work his business.

Some people just cannot be helped because


1) they really dont want it or 2) they are lazy or 3) they wont freakin listen


Its that simple.


How hard is it really to find the answers we need? Not that hard if you really want to find them.


I know most of us are guilty of this laziness at some time or another.


This little experiment will prove it:


Ask anyone this question... "How would an extra $1,000 per month help improve your lifestyle?"


Typical answers might include: "I could buy a new car, make the house payment, or buy an RV, etc..."




Tell them that everything they want is absolutely possible and within their reach and you have the solution that will help them get what they want...

Then ask them if they will view your website or flash presentation about your business within the next 24 hours. If they agree, give them the link and contact them 24 hours later and ask them what they thought about it.

A typical reply: "Oh, yeah, I didnt get a chance to look at it yet, but I will."


- No they won’t.

Chances are high that if you asked 10 people to do the same thing, many would have some lame excuse as to why they didnt have the time either. I mean, it was "trash night" yesterday - and you cant just let your garbage pile up right?

So the best thing to do is let new prospects seek you out... Also be available to your team and wait to see who contacts you. The ones that do are the ones that deserve special attention because they have taken action and proved to you they are serious about changing their life for the better. Help them, as they are your potential leaders that youll want to mastermind with and have on your team for the long haul.

Avoiding time and energy leeches applies both to prospects and those people who are currently on your team.

With experience, you will be able to determine who is serious about changing their life and willing to work hard, from those that will just waste your time. Read that last sentence again.

You attitude really has to be...


"Why should I show you how to earn an extra $1,000 per month?"


Instead of...


"Please oh please, look at my new business opportunity, this is the one, I can feel it, were all gonna be rich!"


The same rule applies to people who join your team.

Today, so many people seem to jump from program to program and never really give themselves or the company a chance. They think the "Program" or "Company" is responsible for their success or failure.

Can you say B.S.?

It takes focus, hard work, and clear vision of what you want to succeed at anything in life. Therefore avoiding people that bring you down is a must in order to survive and thrive.

Network Marketing is supposed to be fun. And it CAN be when its done properly. :-)


Avoiding time and energy leeches gives you both the needed energy and time to start enjoying this business again...

SECRET FIVE Why You Need A "Viral" Recruiting System

(Im going to reveal something BIG in this secret so please read every word carefully...)


Let me start off by explaining the biggest benefit of providing your downline members with a viral recruiting system...

It boils down to this: When you have a viral marketing system in place for your team members, your downline has the potential to take on a life of its own and continue to grow effortlessly while youre focusing on more important things such as family and friends.

Side Note: The term "Viral Marketing" is just another way of saying "word of mouth" advertising. The word "Viral" actually refers more to the speed at which your message can spread thanks to technologies such as the Internet.

I mentioned earlier how I managed to accomplish the overwhelming task of viral duplication while working my full time job. Well, it didnt happen overnight.

As soon as I started online (2005), I searched for a product or company that actually provided this solution. Thats really all I needed since I worked full time. I didnt have time to do the traditional recruiting methods because they required a lot of time and commitment to end up with only decent results at best. Plus, I didnt know about the four secrets you just read about ;-)

What I wanted instead, was a huge downline that duplicated on auto-pilot from my part-time efforts.


"But did such a solution exist?"


If it did, I couldnt find it...

So after many years of struggling to build a solid residual income through network marketing using the old fashioned methods of business building (and failing miserably….) I decided to take the bull by the horns and I created a system that absolutely exploded my downline in a short amount of time. This all happened in June of 2009.
I ended up increasing my downline from 16 members to over 4,293 + in just under 6 months, my downline continues to duplicate and my checks are increasing monthly.

The incredible thing about is that I am only responsible for bringing in around 947 of those members. My downline is responsible for bringing in the other 3,346+ members to our team, which is just amazing!

The good news is I have a solution that allows you to do the same thing which Ill share with you shortly.

Before we get to that... please take a minute and read the web copy on the main page for my RecruitLikeLana.com system.
Click here to read it

After you study the web copy closely, see if you can spot why this system works so well...


Or keep reading and Ill tell you :-)

When someone completes "Step 3" they get an exact clone of that webpage and all the places that contain my default ID, such as Step 1 and Step 2 now become their ID.

While this is certainly not a new concept; the simple twist I put into my system is what makes it work so well.


If you read the page above you may be thinking: What is Step 3?


Ok, here’s the big secret I promised to reveal:


It is because of that one simple unanswered question...


==> "What is Step 3?"

People just have to know what Step 3 is and they are willing to complete the first two risk free steps to find out. I urge you to read the above paragraphs again very... very... slowly, because that one unanswered question is 99.9% responsible for recruiting over 4,293+ people into my downline.

The duplication factor in this 3 step strategy is extremely POWERFUL and works every time!

This concept actually started out as a simple web page that I wrote for myself in attempt to bring people into my team. After the shocking results and success I had with it, I thought...

...If my web page worked this well to bring in leads and new members for me, I just needed a way to allow my new members to use the same page with their IDs embedded in it. After all, duplication is the name of the game!



Thats when I modified my squeeze page to become a system that brought my 3 step strategy to life.

I then began to train my team members through the online training site that comes with their new system to use the same ads that I used online to duplicate the process over and over again. Needless to say, the system has duplicated itself down the line many levels deep.

As for Step 3 of RecruitLikeLana.com -- my team members simply fill out a form (takes about 1 minute) and the script inserts their name, GDI ID, PeopleString ID and whatever primary business they are promoting on their page and the system generates a unique URL instantly that they can promote on any traffic generation program. This allows my team to build their GDI downline, their PeopleString downline and their primary business at the same time without having to advertise them separately. Step 3 also has some extra benefits, Ill let you discover those for yourself….

I also have the unique ability to reward members on my team that are working hard.


This worked extremely well...

(This also answers the question: "How do I get people in my downline to actively promote?")
I sent out a message to members of my downline and I mentioned they could get their ID rotated at the main URL. In other words, when my site is accessed their page will show up instead of mine, then the next time someone elses would display and so on. In order for my team members to get their ID rotated, all I ask is that they bring in 10 new members into our GDI team.

Guess what? It worked better than I thought...


My team loved the idea of getting free advertising from their ID being in rotation and got busy promoting GDI to bring in their 10 new members.

Now my team is working extra hard to build their business while getting free exposure from the rotation which helps them grow even more. Its a total win-win situation!

Tip: All it takes sometimes are little things like this to get your team excited and to take action.


Ok, so now that you know how it works...


Its time for the BIG question:


Are you ready to step up and create a viral recruiting system for your downline?


Before you answer that question, think about this first...

What if your system could be applied to any program you want, whenever you want, and you had complete control over the programs you add as part of your "Steps"?

What if I told you WILL get your chance very soon?


Would that get you excited a little?

Hang on a minute... Before I tell you how, let me explain what could happen for you if you created your own viral recruiting system to help your downline members build their downline:

a. You will almost INSTANTLY be established as an expert and gain huge amounts of credibility.
b. You will build a huge opt-in list and trusting relationships with your team members faster.
c. Successful people in the industry will seek you out and want to do cooperative projects with you (AKA Joint Ventures) that benefit everyone.
d. Your team members will be more open to purchase recommended resources from you (i.e. products related to training and downline building, lead sources, training e-books, etc.)
e. And of course, a steady stream of residual income coming in month after month...

Bottom line is you will get to keep your day job (if youre still at that point) while your empire potentially duplicates on auto pilot. Then once you are earning enough residual income, you can quit. Thats what we all dream about in this business but only a select few actually achieve it. Only you can make it happen and Im willing to help you get there.

It kills me to see so many people fail or never really get started in this business because they often dont have the time needed to build and grow properly so they give up before really giving their business a chance. A viral recruiting "system" gives you that chance.

Ive also talked to many people whove told me they need money so bad they cant even afford the monthly cost for the opportunity itself. If thats the case they really have no business starting a business right now. Sorry to be so blunt, but no business is free... they all cost something to get started.
Side Note: Im getting off track here a bit, but there are a few things I did to combat the money issues I was having that Id like to share with you...

For starters, I:

* Cut way down on my living expenses.
* Stopped eating lunch outside the office (I “brown-bagged” it). * Scheduled my errands to save gas instead of driving willy-nilly all over town!

Basically, I started living below my means which is a very smart thing for all of us to do anyway if possible.


Taking this action reduced my stress level regarding money and bills and allowed me to focus on building my business.


Was it worth it? Oh yes, it was worth it ;-)


I didnt mean to stray too far from the topic here but I wanted to mention this issue. I hope you dont mind :-)


In secret six, Ill reveal exactly how someone "hooked a big fish" thanks to a viral marketing system and how you may be able to do the same...

SECRET SIX How To Hook A Big Fish

In business, mega successful people such as Donald Trump and Bill Gates have teams of people on their side that help them accomplish great things...

Theres no possible way these giants could do everything themselves and reach the level of success that theyve attained. Instead they rely on the best and brightest people to help them along the way.

In the business of marketing online, whether it be affiliate marketing, network marketing, whatever you want to call it... its much easier to succeed when you have other successful people "In Your Corner" so to speak. People that have seen you accomplish something great and want to work with you and help you achieve even further success.

For example...heres a story as told by James Grandstaff:

“A well known marketer had joined my GDI downline. One of my frontline members had referred him and approximately 2 weeks later, for unknown reasons, he quit. Later on, a mutual marketing friend of ours, Mike Filsaime, put a group of us in touch to get to know each other and possibly do joint venture projects together.

So after we met and became friends, I reminded him that he quit our team just recently. He knew the work I did with my viral marketing system and we were put in touch by someone he trusted so he joined my team again (under his original sponsor) and since then has added countless team members to our organization.

In turn, I helped him launch his new program and he did very well from the emails that I sent to my list. The bottom line is I would have never met him that way had it not been for meeting Mike Filsaime. And I met Mike Filsaime because he was impressed with what I did with my viral marketing system.

Thats why its so important to get YOUR name out there and start marketing yourself and not the program youre in. What if that program of yours disappeared tomorrow?

What would you do then?


Heres a tip Mike Filsaime gave me...

He said, "James, you need to get your full name registered as your domain name and you should set up a blog at your site like I did with MikeFilsaime.com. This way you are marketing yourself."

I took his advice and listened.

Since taking action based on his advice, my level of success has literally skyrocketed; not to mention put me in touch with hundreds of people around the globe, potentially opening even more doors!

I would like to take this time to say thanks to you Mike F. for all youve done for me... YOU are the man!”


The moral of Secret Six is... if you want to hook a big fish you have to start with some pretty impressive bait!


Got an idea for a recruiting system youd like to create?


Youll find out how to turn that idea of yours into reality very soon...

I too learned that you need to have your own name as a domain name. Create a blog, put yourself „out there so people can find you when they look up your name! Seriously. This can literally skyrocket your success online.

Do me a favor… open your browser and go to www.google.com and type in your first and last name and see what comes up. Did the Google search engine find you?

Do you want to be found?


Of course you do!


Register your website with your name today! BRAND YOURSELF NOW.


Click Here to Register Your Own Domain Name for $10 per month. (thats super cheap just in case you were wondering….)

SECRET SEVEN Tying it All Together

Everyday it seems a new traffic or list building program is popping up.

If you were to target the membership of these new programs (the people that are already members of the list builder or those that want to be) you could be in a very nice financial situation within a few months.

The trick is to be first and get a jump start on your competition.


Heres an example of what you could do with your own system...


In 2005 a guy launched a program called: Your Lucky List


Its a list building site where marketers can email their ads to other members.


Plus it has a very well thought out twist. YLL basically helps us marketers build our lists and get our marketing message out to more people.


Here is what your new system could have been like within days after it launched...

* Your domain name: YourLuckyListIncome.com
* You could have targeted Your Lucky List members to join your main income program like I

do with GDI based on the RecruitLikeLana.com "3 Step" strategy.


Heres the email ad you could have used to get the members to your page:

Here’s How I Make $xxx By Sending This Ad To My Fellow "Your Lucky List" Members: Click Here ==> {INSERT URL HERE} Then you would include your main page sales copy plus your steps:


Step 1: Join {Your Income Program(s) Here}


Step 2: Join {Your Traffic Program(s) Here}


Step 3: "Well send step 3 after you complete steps one and two."


Next, you would send them to your Step 3 page.


Then, you would send them to a forum that you would have created for free at your domain: YourLuckyListIncome.com/forum


You would have included instructions for your new members in your forum. (give them the same email ad(s) that you used on YourLuckyList etc.)


They would have gotten a duplicate copy of your page that contains the 3 step process. The only difference would be that the links at each step would be theirs.

Side Note: Id like to take a quick minute to talk about the importance of Step two. If you include quality traffic generation systems for Step 2 you will be generating long term traffic that could produce quality leads and income forever… like my RecruitLikeLana.com site has.

For example, if you were to include any solid traffic generating program with a large active membership, you will slowly, but surely, build large downlines in those programs; creating a never ending stream of targeted traffic and potential income.

The beauty of this entire concept is the flexibility you have to change anything you want whenever you want.


Lets say you created the above system and 6 months later one of those traffic programs went out of business... (it happens from time to time)


What would you do?


Thats easy...

By that time you would most likely have built up a nice membership. Therefore, you would simply email everyone and tell them that theres been a change to the program list and they should join the new one that you plugged in to the system...

Youll now potentially build an instant downline in that new program :-)


Having your own system puts you in total control! Before I wrap this up...


I hope youre starting to see the power in this strategy and youre getting some ideas of your own flowing through your mind...


I truly hope you learned a lot from this eBook and I wish you nothing but massive success in your life and business.


Now, dont just sit there... take action! Create the life you want... No one else is going to do it for you!

Click Here To Create Your OWN System Today

That about wraps it up…


Please pass this eBook on to all your downline members or anyone else you may think could benefit from it :-)

If you arent ready to create your own system for your downline, then use the one I created for my downline. Then, you can see how it works and get those creative juices flowing for your own system in the near future!

Go here and get your free online recruiting system that you can give away to anyone in the world and make money even if the prospect doesnt join you in your primary business right away: Click Here To Get It FREE

But dont stop on this page… keep reading because Im going to reveal some more cool stuff you can implement within the next 30 minutes that could change your financial future forever. Make sure you check out whats on page 31.

Your Bonus Video Tutorials



00007.jpgMy name is Mira GRECU and yes, I have something to confess.

There is no secret to making this whole Internet marketing thing work for you. You just have to learn how to work smarter, not harder. The only way youre going to get your money back and starting winning is to start cheating by doing something different than everyone else is doing! Its not really cheating…. Its just a marketing strategy that only a few marketers even know exist. But, its not secret either because now you know about it!

What You MUST Have to Succeed Online

There are many ways successfully to build a business online; and in my opinion, you must have two things at a bare minimum. You must view these as “must haves” and not “nice to haves”. Without these two things, your business could grow at a snails pace (or not at all) and you may end up quitting before you ever make a profit!

Here are the two things you must have to build your business:

1) An autoresponder. This is what allows your prospects to enter their name and email address in boxes on your page and automatically receive followup messages from you. There are many autoresponder services out there to choose from, so which one is the best? Well, thats entirely up to you to decide… however, I use TrafficWave absolutely love it! As a matter of fact, I used Aweber for about 3 years and they were KILLING me with monthly fees. You see, Aweber charges you more every month the bigger your list gets. Funny how someone could be penalized for building a massive list! Ive grown quite a big list in 3 years and that ended up costing me a lot. So, in keeping with my promise to myself to reduce spending, I switched to TrafficWave – its only $17.95 per month no matter how big my list becomes. And its easier to navigate and figure out than Aweber (my opinion).
You can join TrafficWave FREE By Clicking Here

2) A splash page. In other words, the ability to create a “mini site” with your name and picture on it. This allows you to brand yourself. People need to know that there is a real person behind the website / information. Marketing your company replicated site, or the affiliate program page just isnt going to cut it. Everyone that is a member of that program has that same page! You need to stand out from the masses and STOP PROMOTING YOUR OPPORTUNITY and START PROMOTING YOURSELF.

Great Splash Page Program is InstantSplash.


Join InstantSplash By Clicking Here.

If you put a picture of your cat on your splash page instead of yourself, then dont expect much response. Not photogenic? Who cares!!! We arent all super models and movie stars. We are real people, with real businesses and real solutions for those that seek us out.

Just so you know, InstantSplash allows you put your autoresponder form code from TrafficWave on it so you can build your list and redirect them to your website after they give up their name and email address!

Remember: Brand Yourself. Build a List. Build Your Business.

Action Steps

Click here to get your free online recruiting system that you can give away to anyone in the world and make money even if the prospect doesnt join you in your primary business right away.

It even comes with a training site to help you new team members get up to speed quickly.

Use InstantSplash to create your own self-branded splash pages and have them redirected to your RecruitLikeLana site and build your list using TrafficWave as your autoresponder – copy the HTML form code from TrafficWave into your splash page.

1) Join TrafficWave FREE Here
2) Join InstantSplash Here (upgrade to PRO):


Theres a flow chart on the next page…. This flowchart may make this easier to understand (ya’ll… this is NOT HARD)….

Prospect enters name and email on splash page.


Your downline grows and so does your income.

Autoresponder sends prewritten
messages to prospect.


Prospect joins your business or
a program you
recommend 3.

Prospect gets email messages;
visits website

All of this can be accomplished easily with the tools I just told you about.

Now, youve branded yourself, are building your own list and automatically following up with your prospects…. and your prospect is joining you in all the programs offered in the RecruitLikeLana.com system AND they have their own training site to give them a quick start!

And, if you are on my Free Internet Marketing Training Blueprint email series, youve probably even already been sent the codes to copy over my pre-written messages right into your own autoresponder so you dont even have to worry about creating them yourself.

What??? You didnt get them?


OK, you twisted my arm.


To copy my pre-written messages for the 5 Steps to Internet Marketing Success Newsletter so you can give these „secrets away for free just like me….


Make sure you have an account with TrafficWave Get a TrafficWave account


Make sure you have a PRO account with InstantSplash Get a PRO Account with InstantSplash


Follow these directions closely.


Step 1:


Log into your TrafficWave account.


Click the menu option to Create New Campaign


00008.jpgName your new campaign my5step (nobody else will see this… its for your eyes only). Then click the Create New Campaign button and confirm.


00009.jpgClick the Letters tab and select to Retrieve Published Campaign.


00010.jpgChoose Retrieve OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters. Enter these two codes in the boxes provided:


Series ID Number: 138011


Passcode: 73572

Make sure you have your my5step campaign selected in the drop down box and then click the button at the bottom of the page to retrieve the letters.


Then, go into each letter (theres only a handful…) and replace my links with YOURS (there will be links for TrafficWave, InstantSplash and some traffic building programs). If you are not a member of any of the programs, then leave the links in there. You can always join them later and update the links anytime.

IMPORTANT : Make sure you change the links in each letter for joining TrafficWave and InstantSplash to YOUR links for those programs so your prospects will join those programs under YOU and you will get the commissions for upgrades in those programs.

Step 4:

Now, you need to setup one last thing in TrafficWave so your letters will have some pre-populated website links for your prospects that are subscribing to your list.

You should still be in TrafficWave in your my5step campaign overview: 00012.jpgClick on the magnifying glass to view the Signature Tokens.


In Campaign Title enter this:


How To Copy & Paste Your Way To 500 Dollars Per Month Online


In Company Name enter this: skype (your skype id)


In Phone Number enter your phone number and your time zone


In URL 1 enter: http://tr.im/wyHd


In URL 2 enter: http://instantsplash.com/s/16193


In URL 3 enter the website for your primary business


Then click the button at the bottom to update the signature tokens.





You may be asking why you are doing all this…. Why go to all this trouble? The answer is simple… the letters are setup so that whatever you have in the Signature Token fields will be placed below your signature when the prospect gets your email.

The entry in URL 1 is our team training webinar schedule. This will help you and your prospects.


The entry in URL 2 is our training center for TrafficWave. This will help you and your prospects.

The entry in URL 3 is there to help you get signups into your primary business while building your list and giving away information on how to make money online. This benefits YOU. J

This is especially helpful if you later decide to work another business. You dont have to change EACH letter… you just log into TrafficWave and change the Signature Token 3 field to your new business. Voila! Now, you keep your same list and the next email the prospect gets from your autoresponder will have your new business information already there. This is a huge time saver.

The next step is to copy your autoresponder form code from TrafficWave so you can put it on your InstantSplash page to collect the name and email addresses of your prospects so they can get on your own personal mailing list…

Step 5:


Copy the code from TrafficWave to your InstantSplash page so your opt-in form will be there and your prospects can subscribe to your list.

In TrafficWave, make sure you have the my5step campaign selected and hover your mouse over the tab titled „Capture Pages/Forms and then click on Capture Forms.


Scroll to the bottom and you will see the HTML Source Code. Click the Select All button to copy everything in that box (or you can highlight everything in the box and press CTRL C on the keyboard).

This will copy that HTML Source Code to your computers memory so you can paste it to your InstantSplash page in the next step.


00015.jpgStep 6:


Log into your InstantSplash account and click to the menu option Splashes.



Click the button to Create a New Splash.


Choose a color theme using the color selector at the top of the screen. Give your new splash page a Splash ID so you will know what its for. You could name it my5step if you want. J

Enter a headline (example: Copy and Paste Your Way to Profit!)


Enter a subheader (example: I’ll Show You How Easy It Is To Make Money Online)


Enter something in the Bullet-1 field (example: Download Our AMAZING New Report RIGHT NOW, Free of Charge!)

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see a big box with the heading PRO option only: Only PRO members can enter their auto-responder forms below”

This is where you are going to paste your autoresponder form code from TrafficWave so that your splash page has a subscriber opt-in form on it. Paste the HTML Source Code you just copied from TrafficWave into that big box. You can simply press CTRL V on your keyboard to Paste what you copied over in the last step (or right click in the box and choose paste).

Enter your TrafficWave username in the field for TrafficWave ID then save it.



Putting that HTML Form Code in the box is what makes your splash page a capture page – where you can capture the name and email address of your prospect and they will be added to your my5step campaign in TrafficWave and start getting all the letters you copied over to your autoresponder.

Example of what a finished splash page could look like if you followed all the steps above exactly (of course, YOUR picture will be there if you uploaded your photo to your InstantSplash account)


Step 7:

After saving your splash page, you will be redirected to your list of splashes youve created. Find the splash page you just created. You will see your Splash Page url displayed in red letters.

Copy and paste that URL into a new Internet window.


Test your splash page by entering your name and email in the boxes.


Check your email inbox and click the link you get to confirm that you want to receive the information.


Verify that you get the first message from your autoresponder.


That’s exactly what your prospects will do to get your messages.

Then, advertise your splash page in traffic exchanges, safelists, ezines, etc. and people will opt-in to your list. They will join you in TrafficWave and they will join you and upgrade in InstantSplash. They may even join you in your primary business also! Kaching.J

Does this really work?




And, just so you know…. I put this to the test before I wrote this eBook.


You see, I wanted to make sure I could create a system that anyone that can read and follow directions would be able to duplicate.


If youve made it down this far, then you can obviously READ.


And, I am sure you can also follow directions, too!J

See proof on the next several pages: My Subscriber Overview
514 new prospects on my list in just 2 months (using nothing but free advertising)

I even had 29 people opt-in ONE DAY!



170 New InstantSplash referrals in just 2 months! 33 of them upgraded to PRO
$5.00 earned for each upgrade per month

A LOT of New TrafficWave Members



And, as if the above wasn’t exciting enough…. 11 New Enrollments Into My
Primary Business in Only 2 Weeks!

Not sure where to advertise? If you setup your RecruitLikeLana.com profile then you have a training site that tells you exactly where you can advertise.



Stop promoting your business. Start doing something DIFFERENT than everyone else! Promote tools to help others build their business and YOUR business will also grow! Advertise where the business owners are hanging out doing their advertising…. Like traffic exchanges and safelists, social networks, ezines, forums, etc.

The prospect sees your splash page with your name and picture on it and opts-in to see what you are offering.


The prospects name and email address is added to your autorepsonder.


The prospect starts receiving messages from you.


They could join you in your Primary Business, TrafficWave and InstantSplash!


Multiple streams of income using tools you need to succeed online anyway.


And, you could also get new signups into your primary business!


How cool is that?


Thank you again and I look forward to hearing good news about your success.


00001.jpgSuccess is Yours! 00022.jpgLana Robinson


Join Mira GRECU in TrafficWave Here: http://www.trafficwave.net/members/miragr
Join Mira GRECU In InstantSplash Here: http://instantsplash.com/signup.php?ref=miragrecu

Get Your Free Online Marketing System Here: http://recruitlikelana.com/r/miragrecu /steps

Get Your Own Website Here: http://website.ws/miragrec

Want to rebrand this eBook with YOUR links? Get with the person who shared the eBook with you! Or, just follow the directions on your training site (assuming you set up you free online marketing system using the link above).

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