Mindsurge - The Consciousness Revolution

Chapter 1 Introduction
The mind does strange things at times.
Have you noticed that occasionally when you are desperate to drive to
a destination in the quickest possible time that most of the traffic lights turn
green to help you? Or when you're driving down town and mentally focusing
on a parking spot....one just seems to materialize for you. Or you may be
thinking intently of a friend and at that very moment they telephone you.
Similarly you might be in a casino environment and you've put a
whole bucket of coins through a particular slot machine, which has paid
you virtually nothing. In absolute disgust you give it one more spin as you
start to walk away......and it promptly gives you a substantial win.
Have you noticed how young children these days appear to be
developing a higher intelligence at a young age? When you really analyze
this situation, it is not the intelligence that is improving...it is their
conscious awareness. It is almost as if these young people were suddenly
evolving to have a 360 degree "mental surround" vision as opposed to us
adults who are stuck with the equivalent of a 180 degree mental
vision....and this fades in and out at times!
Every adult individual can probably relate to the above from personal
experience but until recently nobody had ever sat down and started a
serious research project to find out how and why this happens.....and how
to replicate these mind-effects at will.
Around 15 years ago a low key privately funded research project was
instigated to search for answers. The discoveries literally stunned the small
group of investigators.