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Brain Frequencies & Brain Inducers


Your brain is like a radio ... it can receive and emit electrical frequencies. Frequencies are the intervals in which electrical activity is measured and charted. The AM dial of your radio covers a certain kHz range. This is the range that the AM signal is broadcasted from a radio tower and then received by your radio antenna. The FM dial on your radio covers part of the MHz range (Mega Hertz). This is the range that the FM signal is broadcasted from a tower and then received by your radio antenna. Everything around you emits some sort of electrical interval that can be measured and charted. Everything from a hug to a lightening storm; from a laser beam to microwaved food. From colors to sound. From the rhythms of living organisms to the different layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. Researcher Dan Winter has even been able to determine the frequency of a person feeling and expressing the emotion of love. Love, has its own frequency range and geometry. Some of these frequencies can easily be measured such as x-rays and radioactive rays but things such as thought waves and emotional waves are still being researched.

Since everything is emitting frequencies of some sort, these frequencies are all around you and are even penetrating your body. From the electrical pulse of a computer to the frequency waves of a portable telephone; these unseen frequencies all pass through you. The Earth also has its own assortment of frequencies.

The ionosphere is a layer of electrically charged particles that surrounds the planet. This layer absorbs radio waves thus making it a charged layer. It extends about 80 miles from the surface of the Earth and it forms a capacitor with the earth (meaning it is able to store an electrical charge, like a battery). The great inventor, Nikola Tesla, knew all about this stuff. Everytime you plug something into an electrical outlet you are getting a piece of Tesla’s creation into your life. He also invented radar and was the true inventor of the radio (not Marconi). He was very knowledgeable about the electrical charge of the earth’s ionosphere.

With the help of a special broadcast tower containing his famous Tesla Coil, he could power all the light bulbs in an entire city from a far distance away using this “broadcasted” electrical energy. If this coil/tower setup became a fully harnessed method of extracting electrical energy from the Earth, you would need to just stick a steel pole into the ground along with a special cheap setup to power everything in your house. Doesn't matter what part of the world you live in. From the remote North Pole to the metropolis of New York. Remember, this is free-energy that the earth naturally produces in unlimited amounts (unlike oil, gas energy which depletes natural resources). For those who are interested, Tesla’s 'free energy system' was bumped out by the industrialists of that time. After all, how could you meter free energy. These days, we are forced to pay monthly to power things in our house ... when Telsa proved free energy could be a reality for the world. Now this might seem a waste of time for you to know this but get this ...

When your body moves, those movements are transmitted to the earth's environment around you. The ionosphere layer (also called the ionospheric cavity) has a frequency of about 9.5 cps (cycles per second - was around 7.5 but now it is increasing quickly). Your body is vibrating between 6.8 to 9.5 Hz. Your skeleton and all your internal organs moves in step with each other (coherently) at around 8 - 9 cps. This simply means that your body and the ionosphere cavity around the earth are in total sync together.

You and the planet resonate with each other and share energy between each other. Just how far can you share or transfer your energy to the earth’s electromagnetic cavity? About 40,000 km, or just about the entire perimeter of the planet. In other words, the signals generated from your mind and body will travel all the way around the planet in about one seventh of a second through this ionosphere cavity. You know that the farther you get away from a radio station, the worse the reception becomes. Well, the movements of your body spreading around the planet doesn’t hardly loose its strength.

This frequency link between human bodies and the environment is why there is a relationship between solar/lunar/thunderstorm activity and human behavior changes (i.e. "moon madness"). There is even a similar relationship (if you charted it) to the change in solar (sun) radiation and stock prices. Not only do we affect our environment but the environment affects us because we both vibrate at the same frequency (7 - 9.5 cps). Or rather, a better way to put it, we and the planet are changing in frequency both the same.

When you begin to apply your mind power seduction techniques on the person you are trying to win, your thoughts are not just 'whims in the mist'; they are concrete and real and are actually having an effect in the environment (mentioned above). When you understand about the frequencies of the mind, you’ll see how other people's thoughtwaves can easily get in sync with yours. And your environment will assist in this process. As the planetary frequency increases, so too your personal frequency. Thus you will find your power to manifest will happen easier and quicker. But this is a whole other story. It has to do with the decreasing frequency of the planet and the increasing frequency ... thus providing little "buffer" between this 3rd dimensional world and the higher levels. You should know that this is the perfect time in our modern planetary history to be learning to develop your mental skills.

Have you ever seen or read about those sleep research labs that hook up a person to equipment in order to measure their brainwave activity while they sleep? These EEG machines can show the researchers all types of things, such as when the person is having a nightmare or when the person is in a very deep sleep. Besides the fact the person being studied upon usually is paid for sleeping (and maybe paying their way through university) another benefit resulted from the research. It is very important to your mind power seduction techniques.

It is firmly established from extensive research that the human brain has certain frequencies depending upon what the mind is doing. EEG results show that when a person is wide awake, the frequency range of the brain/mind is 14 - 30 cps (cycles per second or hertz). This has been given the name of 'Beta'.

BETA: 14 - 30 cps - when the mind is engaged in physical activity and is alert.

ALPHA: 7 - 13 cps - like when you are day dreaming or in a meditative state.

THETA: 3.5 - 7 cps - the exact moment when you fall asleep.

DELTA: 0.5 - 3.5 cps - when you are cold out zonked (very deep sleep).

[Notice the frequency change from Theta to Alpha to Beta. See how it increases? As I said earlier, the frequency of the planet is also increasing. Could this mean the planet is starting to wake up? An interesting thought when you consider the times we are in!]

You access all of these different states throughout your full 24 hour day (unless you’re an insomniac). When you have a highly developed mind, you can access or get into any of these states at will. This is what I hope you will develop when you begin to put this book into use. These states sort of merge together so that you can have high and lows of each brain state. If your brainwaves are at 7 cps, it could be considered low alpha or very high theta. If your brainwave state is 6 cps, it could be considered very low alpha or high theta. When your brain gets into these different states, you experience things differently and your thoughts have different effects on you and your environment.

You will be working with all these states when using mind power seduction techniques. However the Alpha and Theta state will be found to be particularly useful and these two brain states will be accessed the most. The lower the state, the more relaxed your brain is. Imagine a bicycle tire on a moving bike. Let the tire represent the brainwave, let the rotation or movement of the tire represent the frequency, and let the person riding the bike represent the brain. When the bike is going at a moderate/medium speed (fast enough to get where you want but not fast enough to build a sweat), the tire might spin around one complete turn 30 times in one minute. If the person started peddling faster, the tire might go around 60 times in a minute. At this point, the person is building up a sweat and of course the person is not too relaxed ... they are working full force. When the person slows down their peddling, the tire might spin around 10 times in one minute. Obviously, the frequency of the tire is much slower than the fastest speed and obviously the person riding the bike (the brain) is very much relaxed. The slower your brainwave, the more relaxed your mind/brain/body is.

There are five main reasons why you need to change your brainwave cycle when you want to sexually arouse someone just with your mind:

1)   Your brainwaves will become closer to the natural frequency of the ionosphere. If you have been understanding everything I’ve written so far you will see why this is necessary ... namely you will have an easier time manipulating and effecting your environment. We are not talking the clouds, ground and trees, etc ... but your space around you within which you live i.e. energy/time/space. It’s like driving your car at night time. During the nighttime it's obviously dark ... So to move around easier you need to turn your car lights on. When you lower your brainwave cycle to a cycle that’s closer to the ionosphere you are sort of 'turning your lights on' in the ionosphere, so your mind will be able to move around easier; your mind will have easier access to manipulate your surroundings (energy/time/space).

2)   Your awareness and your ability to use your mind will become easier and stronger. This will effect all your mind power work. You will be able to access different states of awareness and different levels of consciousness (kind of like getting high but without drugs and their destructive side-effects).

3)   Your heart rate will slow down and your bodily functions will relax. Remember in the introduction (unless you didn’t read it) how I reminded you that your 'unaware' part of your mind takes care of all your inner bodily functions? Your mind has to take care of a lot of stuff, from cell development, to blood pumping, to analyzing nerve stimulus, to accessing memory, to digestion, to balance and tons more. Your mind is obviously busy and all this happens while you do other things; you don’t have to think about it. Since you are not thinking about these things during you daily life, these processes are governed by your unaware mind (some people call it the subconscious, but its name doesn’t matter). Basically, when your brainwaves are slower and thus your mind is more relaxed ... your body will be more relaxed and then your mind spends less time keeping the body going. Your unaware mind will have more time, so-to-speak, to work with your techniques. When less blood needs to be pumped to your body functions, then more blood will be pumped to your brain when you are using mind power techniques. Your brain will be more nourished when your body is relaxed.

I don’t want you to think that when you are very busy that your unaware mind will put your seduction techniques on hold till your body is relaxed. Having a relaxed body is just a way to help yourself with the techniques. Slower bodily functions is very important when it comes to stomach digestion. Digestion uses a lot of energy. Digestion will quicken when your body is relaxed and when less energy is spent trying to digest that food, then more energy can be put to use with your seduction techniques. If you want to make things really conducive and easy on your energy level, then try to do the techniques on an empty stomach (not starving, just empty). You will notice a difference and your stomach making those digesting noises won’t bring you out of your relaxed brain state. This doesn’t mean that you have to have an empty stomach if you are practicing your techniques in a public place. I’m just suggesting a way to ease your body up during the times when you are doing advanced mind power techniques when you are in a deep ‘meditative’ state. Other things can effect your energy level and I’ll get to these later under the 'increasing power' chapter.

4)   You can become more focused when your brainwaves are slower. It’s hard to focus on studying when you a sitting beside a construction site with 10 jackhammers blasting. I probably could get focused because my mind is very highly trained (with practice), and yours will too if not already. But if you were studying for exams while in a relaxed state (even with the TV on in the background) you will have an easier time focusing. When everything is deadly quiet around you and you are very relaxed, your mind will focus even better and your mind will absorb the info easier (unless you get bored and fall asleep).

5)   You are accessing different parts and functions of your brain so you basically have the advantage over others who are not trained in this.

Now some people might think that getting into these brain states is a very difficult thing to do. There are a great amount of machines that you can buy to help get your brain into these states. I have seen and used a great amount of these machines throughout my life and I found that only a handful were effective and beneficial. If you can get into these brain states with your own mental capacity, you will be better off in the long run. You will be developing the art of 'internal technology' instead of relying on external technology. If the whole world went completely wacko today (perhaps it already is) or World War III hit tomorrow, then your access to outward electronic technology might be limited (especially if something happened to main electrical power sources). Everything you need to become a very advanced human is within you already. Mastering the art of internal technology is the biggest suggestion I could ever impose on you (yes ... more important than mind power seduction methods). You’ll see what I mean as the years go by.

If you do wish to purchase a commercial unit to effectuate your brainwaves, do your shopping. Whatever you do, don’t become dependent upon the instrument. When you read the chapter on radionics, you will learn how simple radionic machines can assist you in getting into various brain states (all without the use of electronics). An important thing to remember is that brainwave machines and the like is a growing business. This book you are reading for under $40 will be more beneficial to you than any $1,000 brainwave unit. Opt for the internal technology within you as opposed to the external technologies around you. You will see just how important this is in the very near future, as I have said. Along the same line as ‘brainwave synchronizers’ are audio tapes; from hypnosis to subliminals to new age music. None of these are necessary but if you find you can relax better with them, then use them. Hypnosis tapes seem to be different variations on the same theme. There are thousands of ways to “go under” just as there are thousands of ways to meditate. The secret I find is to just find your own way ... and that will be the correct way. The way you use your mind power will be as unique to you as your fingerprints! This book will give you great techniques, but you will find you own variations over time; and I recommend this. In fact, if you are not finding your own variations, then you are limiting your creativity. Guided meditation tapes are too ridged for me. If the technique on a tape doesn’t feel comfortable to you, then you are stuck with it if you want to keep on using the tape.

Music is another thing however. Music is a great tool for me. It began when I was a teenager. I simply got bored sometimes when I was doing my mind power work (remember I was learning from scratch with no one to teach me). When I got bored, I simply put on some headphones and cranked the tunes. This kept my mind alert yet I could get my brain into very deep states. The music actually enhanced my work and kept me company during the endless nights staying awake practicing general mind power techniques. It really kicked in when CD’s came out. I could put a few songs on repeat and never be interrupted for hours; creating a very powerful music/trance state. I found this to be a great way to leave my body (yeah, I do that too). I really don’t like new age music (like Yanni, Indian flutes, etc). You can keep it. I want to mention one very important tape that would benefit you greatly. I would highly recommend it for mind power seduction work. It is extremely powerful and can access unbelievable brain states.

"Wave Form" is a very powerful tape. It’s not a tape of music but rather tones and vibrations of the Theta frequency range. It is created through the use of a special “tonal matrix” in which a Perfect Harmonic Fifth is the focal point for various musical and tonal patterns. In music theory, the Perfect Harmonic Fifth is basically the third note in a major chord or triad. For instance, in a C chord, the Perfect Harmonic fifth is G. The Perfect Harmonic Fifth has long been associated with healing and altered states, and listening to this interval gives most people a sense of completeness and resolution. This recording is the result of Tom Kenyon's work. Very fine stuff. If you want to get into the geometry of harmonic fifth, read the book "GeoMusic" by James Furia.

"Wave Form" combines this principle of the Perfect Harmonic Fifth with a stereo panning technique in which portions of the music and sound patterning are sent to the left ear while the rest of it is sent to the right ear. The effect is a deeply relaxing and pleasant massage-like feeling in the center of the brain. It is not uncommon for people to have highly unusual experiences with this tape such as out of body Experiences (OBE’s) or contact with inner realities.

All sort sorts of altered states can be accessed with this tape if you work with it. It can greatly enhance your mind power seduction work. If you use headphones with it (as is recommended), it can take you out of your current awareness and into a deeper level pretty quickly. It can even get you close to a Theta level of brainwave activity because its frequency is in the Theta range.

This tape is available through Source Books and costs around $19. You can contact Source Books at 1-800-637-5222. If you are interested in purchasing the cassette, be sure it is "Wave Form 1" as there are two. I do not recommend the second, only the first in the series.

When you get good at accessing different brain states, you can apply a technique that is often used in NLP. NLP is short for 'neuro-linguistic-programming'. It’s a special way of programming your mind. There is a chapter coming up on one of these techniques that you will find beneficial. When you are using mind power seduction techniques, you will be doing a set of techniques when you are alone and a different set of techniques when you are in front of the person. You can mix and match these to your pleasing. When you are alone, you have more time to develop the art of slowing down your brainwaves. When you are out in public, you obviously can’t get into deep states as easy; there is just too much stimulus. To get through this barrier there is a technique that can put your brain into pre-programmed brain states (even when you are in a very public situation). It has often been called "anchoring" or "keying". You’ve experienced this when you’ve heard a song that you haven’t heard in years ... and that song totally makes you remember or feel that time in the past. The music anchored you to that time. When you apply mind power seduction techniques, you can apply an anchor for a particular brain state so you will get into that brain state instantly and quickly just like in the example when you recalled an old memory/feeling from listening to a song.

The two most important brain states that you will be using for mind power seduction are the Alpha range (7 - 13cps) and the Theta range (3.5 - 7cps). You will first develop your skill in the Alpha range. When your brain state is at this rate, you will be in a relaxed, daydream like state. This is the first key brainwave state for influencing. When you are in this state, your thoughts break from the barrier of time and space. You can send your thoughts around the globe and they will get there and your thoughts will have hardly any barriers in their way. This means that your thoughts will have the ability to get into the thoughts of someone else. You will be able to program the person in this state. Getting your brain into the Alpha state is the first key to mind manipulation and influence.