Mind Power Seduction HTML version

Your Thoughts Have The Power
The events in your life and the experiences around you are the result of what
you have chosen to allow into your life. Many people do not want to believe
this because it would mean that any negative thing that ever happened to them
was asked for and wanted. You might not have specifically asked to be mugged
but there is something within you that allowed it to happen. Sometimes people
can really see how the power of their mind can affect their daily lives.
Some of them use this awareness to guide their lives in a better direction. And then of course
there is the majority who cannot even conceive of such an concept. The reason why so many
people cannot accept this "you get what you ask for" idea is that it is very difficult to pinpoint
life events stemming from your thoughts when you are not consciously making it happen. When
you get good at consciously molding your life from your thoughts, you will see it happen and see
just how it happens. If you were to think the thought that you now have a bag of apples in your
refrigerator, you won’t instantly find a bag if you went to your fridge and looked. Your mind will
give you what you want but it works through the events and energies around you. Someone
might bring you a bag, or you might visit a friend and then out of the blue they will have an extra
bag of apples left over from the boy scout picnic. Your goals WILL manifest, but you will have
to know what to look for and just how to be patient. I will teach you all of this so don’t worry.
As you take more control over your power to influence the world around you, you can then
change the way that things are molded (as opposed to just waiting for it to come to you). You’ve
probably known someone who constantly complains about their health, and no matter what they
do ... they are always sick. This is a result of subtle mind power influence. Some people are the
types who always look for the bad in others. Their events and experiences will tend to confirm
this negativeness over and over. People will always mistreat them because their mind is so
devoted to proving that “people are terrible”. I once knew someone who was always stressed out
on how much household cleaning they had to do. They always said with such emotion just how
burned out they were and how the cleaning is endless. If they knew a little more about the power
that their mind has on their surroundings, then they might not be so eager to jump into a fit about
constant cleaning. For their own powers of their mind was ensuring that there was always a mess
or situations to create the constant work.
This doesn’t mean that if stray thoughts of your car going into the gutter while driving is going to
make it happen. Your mind really just makes things happen when you believe and feel it to be
true. Besides, most stray negative thoughts just get mixed with all the rest and loose their power
quickly. If you’ve ever gotten mad at someone and wished them dead, you will notice that they
didn't drop dead. There is a difference between wishing, hoping, craving and how the mind
actually brings you your goals. Your mind is terribly obedient. Your mind will do what you ask
(like a genie) if you ask it the correct way!