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Neurological Triggers
These techniques go back hundreds of years and can give you very sharp &
clear inner vision. All types of information is stored in your brain and these
techniques will bring this information instantly into your mind. Give them
plenty of practice and you will see what I mean. The pictures in your mind
have to be very clear and powerful in order for your mind power to be
effective. The clearer the picture, the easier it will be for you to feel as if
you are actually experiencing your visualized goal.
This first method will enhance your general clarity of your inner eye. Go
outside during the day when the sun is shining brightly. With your eyes
closed, look directly at the sun. Ever heard of "full spectrum lights"? You can use these if you
don’t live in a sunny place. Stare at the sun with your eyes closed for about 15 - 30 seconds.
With you eyes still closed and looking at the sun, massage your eyes for the same amount of time
(15 - 30 seconds). This will produce lots of colors within your sight. Try to keep the colors
focused in your mind and awareness as the colors appear. As you hold these colors in your mind
and you can “see” them with your eyes closed, move your head away and back towards the sun a
few times. Do this movement for about half a minute. Pause for a little and repeat the entire
procedure a few times. Be careful not to rub your eyes too much; just a gentle massage. If you
can hold the colors in your mind for more than 30 seconds, then continue to do so. The key is not
to try and see the colors for a long time. The key is clarity in retaining what colors you see and
the movement to and away from the sun.
What you are doing is stimulating the cones of your eyes which effects the direct interaction of
information going to your brain - thus giving you a more clearer visualization ability. When I
was a young boy, I remember rubbing my eyes (usually before bed). If it was dark in my room,
rubbing my eyes for about 90 seconds cause me to see all sorts of colors and colored dots that
looked liked stars in the sky (at least I used to pretend these little dots were stars). If I kept my
eyes closed for a moment after my rubbing, I tried to counts the clumps or see clearly the
individual dots of colors. Even though I think I rubbed my eyes too long (since they got sore),
little did I know that I was improving my powers of visualization in an unplanned way.
This, and the methods to follow, might seem very basic but you should not underestimate the
power that they have. You just need to work with them to see for yourself.
1) This is an exercise for the lens of your eyes, which will keep them flexible and will in turn
enhance your powers of visualization. Start by looking at a book placed at a distance of 6
inches away from you. Then look and focus on something far away (about 6 feet). If you
wear glasses, don't use them for these exercises. Keep this focusing up back and forth
without straining. This will give you great strength in the lenses of your eyes which will
make it better to visualize. Remember, when you visualize you are still using your eyes (just