Mind Power Seduction HTML version

Radionics, Psionics, Sacred Geometry
There are many technologies that are kept hidden from the average person.
The reason for this is that the potential that can be acquired with these
technologies is unlimited ... absolutely unlimited! When I refer to the
word “technologies”, I am not referring to massive electronics, hardware,
computers or billion dollar machines. These are not that type of
technologies. But rather they are mind-based, etheric connecting
representations and connectors. This probably doesn’t make much sense at
this point but it soon will. In order to understand these technologies, I will
refresh you on the basics:
The world around you and all the things in it are more than what you see.
Your physical eyes can only see things which you consider physical because of limitations
imposed upon all humans eons ago. That means that if you removed your limitations on what
your eyes can see, then you will see many other things other than the physical surroundings.
Most people would think “Well what else is there to see?” My response is ... “lots!” The things
you see around you (including people and especially people) are not just physical in nature. They
all have physical qualities but they also have other qualities as well. They exist on other levels.
One level of existence is on this physical world or more properly termed with the limitations of
physical language ... the third dimensional level. There are more levels than this third dimension.
Too many, in fact, to count. One thing about these levels is that they all coincide or merge
together like all the ingredients to make a pie merge together to form the completed pie.
With regards to radionics and other side-technologies of the same family, the other level we are
interested in is what is commonly called the “etheric” level. In actuality it is not called this, but
this is an English world associated with this level and so it has stuck. Another level that you
might heard of has been called the “astral” level. There are twelve overtones between levels (or
dimensions or octaves). As stated before, the physical world is on the third dimensional level.
The astral level exists on the first and second overtones of the 4th dimension. This “astral plane”
is where you first go to when you leave your physical body. The “etheric plane” is lower than
this astral level being more near and connected with the 3rd dimension.
Everything you see around you occupies higher levels other than this physical plane. To get to
the point, all physical objects and structures (including people) have an etheric structure. Your
physical body is not the only thing moving and functioning. You also have an etheric body; an
invisible body that can been seen when you move up to higher levels or train yourself to see this
level with your physical eyes. All objects have an etheric body as well as a physical body. Cars,
trees, books, food and even things that you can’t see with your eyes such as music vibrations,
smells and ... thoughts!