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Increasing The Force
As you begin to understand and use these techniques in your life, you can
move beyond their basic methods and expand them to generate more
power. Any books you can get on mind power or psychic techniques can
be useful and you can grab bits and pieces from these different sources for
your benefit. To be honest, I have given you enough foundation of how
your mind can influence around you so that you can even go to a book
store or library and jot down some points from various books. Obviously,
the more you study things that are considered 'occult' the more things you
can find. Everybody finds their own ways of increasing their power to
influence. Some practice Yoga, some do Tai-Chi, some implement Karate
training, some do Pranayama (yogic breathing), some get into crystals and
stuff, some use subliminal tapes and self hypnosis techniques, some try magick, some try Tantric
Sexual Yoga, some use brainwave inducing devices and the list goes on. The reason why I am
not going to discuss some of these things mentioned above is because I don't want you to think
that you have to do a lot of other 'holistic' training to use mind power seduction techniques. You
can if you wish, and it will increase your power, but you get involved into what you want if you
want. I would rather teach you more rare knowledge because all the above interests are readily
available (except maybe Pranayama) if you seek them out in your city.
Radionics/psychotronics/Psionics are very rare. Have you ever heard of them? These are great
tools for your development and mind power seduction abilities. They allow you to increase your
power by far without having to get into a 'new age' life-style. The information of radionics and
the like will be in the next chapter. For this chapter I will give you some general information
which will increase your power to influence. I'm sure that you will find it a great asset to your
mind power seduction work. These pointers and additions will be brief but hopefully they will
get you on you own path of exploring other ways to enhance your power.
I will first start with how to approach the Theta level of brainwave activity for mind power
seduction usage. Since full conscious Theta manipulation is a very advanced subject and is only
accomplished by a handful of people ... I will not go into detail in this book. Besides, when you
are able to remain conscious while in a Theta state, you won't want to be spending your time on
mind power seducing or arousing. As mentioned in a previous chapter, your brainwaves emit a
Theta frequency at the moment just before sleep. To incorporate mental based seduction
techniques with this Theta brain state is very easy to do in practice. This should never become
your choice of techniques since it is only an enhancer to your Alpha work (a good enhancer that
is). The procedure is to do your usual Alpha visualizing but instead of doing it during the day or
in an evening session, you want to do it when you are in bed and ready for sleep. Make sure you
are ready for sleep and you won't need to get up and set the alarm or whatever. It's very simple ...
just keep up your visualizing as long as possible as you drift into a sleep. As stated in the earlier