Mind Power Seduction HTML version

The Magic Touch
The most important aspect to your seduction work is the concept of touch.
You must develop this feeling of touching more strongly than your ability
to see while visualizing. When the person is firmly in your visualized
place (as best as you can get), imagine that they are naked. Your next step
is to reach your hand out and touch them. Use your visualized sense of
touch to erotically caress them with your hand. If you loose the entire
image of the person that is alright. Just concentrate on the area of their
body that you are touching. If you can't imagine what a certain part of
their body looks like, make it up (it will still work). Using touch in your
visualizing is the most important aspect to arousal and seducing! This skill
must be developed and you should practice touching things in your mind so you can 'feel it' with
your mind. You don't want to see yourself touching as much as you want to actually feel the
touch. In your practice session, imagine touching things like a soft cat, ice cubes, sharp objects,
rough objects, things with varied temperature ... anything, so you can fine tune your sense of
touch within your mind. Also, throughout your daily life, touch things as much as you can and
learn to enhance your feelings through your fingers.
When you touch someone in your visualizing you are creating a tremendous powerful link to that
person. It is this 'magic touch' that will drive them into a frenzy and eventually draw them to you.
Explore them with your fingers, palms, hands and take your time. Let your imagination explore
every sensation of touch on the person. If you are touching their genital area then explore their
pubic hair, wetness, harness, tenderness, softness, warmness, hotness, quiverness, etc. You create
in your mind what you are doing to them and what they are experiencing. Let your fingers and
hands explore different areas of their body such as their nipples, mouth, ears, inner thighs, hair,
knees, etc.
No other technique in your mental ability can compare to this use of touch and there is no way
for the person to avoid it. If you do it for only about 5 minutes, you will create effects that may
last several hours. The person will begin to feel warmth, tingling, hardness, wetness and a turned
on feeling. The longer you use this magic touch the excitement that will build up in the person
will be hard to resist and they will have a strong attraction towards you (even if they don't know
who you are). They won't even be able to fight these feelings because they are coming from deep
inside of them 'on their own'. Remember this will take a little practice but it will hit them even on
the first trials no matter how slight. Remember also to really FEEL the touch even if you cannot
see it. Imagine it as if you were doing it right now. Soon I will get to how you can apply this
technique to people throughout your daily life without having to go into a deep Alpha state but
you should include deep visualizing of this kind in your work everyday.
In my inner eye, I can totally FEEL the sensation of touch as if I were really doing it. I like to