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What You See Is What You Get Part 2
Remember the information in the chapter about brain waves? I mentioned
that it is important that you be in a particular brain state in order for these
techniques to be effective. You can get success with your brain in an
ordinary waking state but your manipulation of the reality around you
becomes more pronounced when you are able to lower your brain state. If
you forgot, your waking state is the Beta state. This is when your brain is
emitting frequencies in the 14 - 30 Hz (hertz) range. When you are in a
relaxed state with your eyes closed and imagining, you are in an Alpha
state (7 - 13 cps). This Alpha state is the key state for your seduction
work. When you are in this state, the effect will be the most pronounced
upon the mind of the person you are wanting to influence. Your thoughts will be able to get to
them more clearly with more power. Being in a Theta state is also very powerful as well, but it is
very difficult for the average person to achieve. Some people take years to achieve a conscious
Theta state and some can never achieve this.
Remember your brain is in this Theta state at the point just prior to sleep ... the instant before.
Can you ever remember this exact moment? You can often remember starting to fall asleep;
maybe random images flash or music in your room seems to go on for a long time while only a
minute has passed. This is when you are in a very deep Alpha; just approaching Theta. But the
actual moment of Theta is the Point of Amnesia. This is rarely remembered by most humans on
the planet. Usually they just wake up and never recall the exact second that their consciousness
fell into unconscious sleep. Out of body travelling occurs most prominently during the Delta
state with exiting and entry in the Theta state. You leave your body every night that you lay
down to sleep. Your astral body, soul body, etheric body (whatever you want to call it) 'lifts' and
'separates' from your physical body. It is usually slightly displaced and hovers an inch or two
above your physical body. You never remember this because you 'detach' from your physical
body and 'return' to your physical body at time when your brain is in a Theta state. This Point of
Amnesia is very difficult to control but I will give a technique later because I am very adept at
this level of mind control.
This Point of Amnesia also occurs when you are born into your physical body. This kind of
'point' is called something else and is much bigger in scale, but it is the partial reason why you
cannot remember your previous life before you came into this body for this lifetime. When you
start controlling this Theta state, you can start to remember all sorts of things from previous
lives. But the draw back is that your thoughts in Theta are instantly manifested and therefore lack
of control can be cause problems if you cannot remain stable in this state.
To give you an idea of the difference between doing mind power arousal work in an Alpha state