Mind Power Seduction HTML version

The techniques and instructions that you are about to learn in this book
will change your life forever! The idea that you have the power within
you to change your reality is not a far fetched concept. People have be
doing it for eons. Some non mainstream religions preach this, and even
some species of animals are able to manipulate their reality (but that is a
whole other story). So why haven’t you learned or heard about these
techniques before? Well, there are a whole slew of possible reasons why
this type of knowledge has slipped from your hands (and you could
probably come up with some of your own).
Some reasons might involve “conspiracy” type suppression (i.e.
government, educational institutions), money sucking courses & lectures, techniques shrouded in
advanced eastern religions, not the right books in the library/bookstores, info offered in obscure
occult publications, or any other possibilities. Much of the mind power information out there is
not that effective, in my opinion. My job is to filter all the different forms of mind power usage
into one totally effective, totally easy-to-understand book of knowledge that will be your key to
unlocking YOUR hidden magical potential. My "suppressed knowledge coffee pot" has been
brewing all my life ... I’ve had to change the filter frequently, but now the best of all the mind
power 'beans' are in one great pot for you to consume! Just like coffee, my beverage of wisdom
will open your eyes and get your blood pumping. (Well your pumping blood will be your reward
once you implement these techniques.)
Just what is “mind power”? Your mind is what you use to think; power is a form of strength.
What you will be able to do after you read this book is to strengthen your ability to think. Getting
your thinking stronger is accomplished by one main skill ... becoming conscious. You must be