Mind Power Seduction HTML version

What You See Is What You Get
Visualizing is in fact the secret. Don’t let the idea of visualizing freak
you out. I’m not going to give you some far out 'spacey' methods like
visualizing crystals while you burn incense. The techniques are easy and
very powerful. Visualizing is necessary because that is what using your
mind power is. If you know the correct way of seeing something in your
mind then it will manifest in the world around. When you are in a higher
dimension as mentioned earlier, it is your thoughts or the images that you
create in your mind that manifest around you instantly. The same too
within this 3rd dimension (except that it occurs slower). The idea of
visualizing puts people off and society gives the same concept two
different opinions depending on what makes sense to them. For example:
If a draftsperson is designing a house and they have to visualize what they want the house to look
like, then this type of visualization isn't considered 'esoteric'. If you visualize in the correct way
to get someone to fall in love with you, then most people think you are involved in some sort of
occult practices. It's funny how an artist uses visualizing to mold their artwork into what they see
and feel in their mind and is sometimes referred to as a 'gift from God'. On the other hand, when
someone uses visualizing to mold their reality into what they see and feel in their mind ... they
are often called occultist, witches or devil worshipers. It's all how you look at it. This type of
knowledge is my life and it has nothing to do with 'devil' types of things. My conclusion after
dealing with people's viewpoints regarding visualizing and the like, is that if it is non-threatening
to their egos ... then it is considered good. If it threatens their egos and makes them realize that
there are other people out there who can create their own realities while their own lives remain
messed up ... this knowledge is considered negative. I remember my youth when I had to go to
Sunday School from time to time. Imagining (visualizing) God and angels and stuff was
considered good (I would assume) since they were described much; and to describe something to
someone requires the person receiving the info to use their imagination to put together the
description. We were often told of bible teachings with the use of strong images and I remember
being told to imagine this or that about Jesus. When I mentioned any type of visualizing concepts
to my teacher (trying to find answers as a kid) ... I was promptly told that I was doing something
in the 'devil's league'. It was around that time that I learned that if visualizing is used to assist in
your reality (e.g. artist, builder, computer designer, composer) then it is accepted. If visualizing
is used to create your reality then it is not accepted. Remember that you visualize all the time;
everything you do and make first starts in your thoughts, so this is how you are going to use
mind power seduction.
Your mind will obey your thoughts and do your bidding. That same part of your mind that takes
care of all your bodily functions knows how to interact with the cosmos and energy realms