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Higher Dimensional Levels
Understanding the concept of dimensions is very important for these
type’s of studies. To the general population of the world, "just what are
dimensions" is a question that is difficult for them to answer. Scientist’s
have their own opinion but it usually is just theory. Eastern religions have
a great idea but it can be hard to figure it out from their writings or
advanced teachings if you don't have the time to study it. When you do
come across the truths of dimensions, it is often blurred in fancy language
or hard to understand images with a vast terminology. Now, I'm not that
efficient to present this whole idea to you in an easy to understand way.
This is a deep concept that can go way beyond hundreds of pages. I will try to give you a rough
idea of just what dimensions are and why this knowledge is important for mind power seduction
(not to mention for your awareness of just what is out there).
The first thing you should realize is that all higher dimensional levels are all merged together.
When someone talks about moving up to another dimension (and not too many people talk about
this), the moving up idea does not mean going up as in vertical up. Nor does it mean an upward
change of awareness. Higher dimensions are up, below, around, inside, and every which way
around and within you. They are all merged together like the ingredients in a pie are all mixed
together. This of course means that you yourself are within higher dimensions other than this 3rd
dimensional world around you.
At this moment, you are within the 10th dimension as well as the 3rd dimension. The word
'dimension' is just a name given to the concept of reality levels. "3d" is just a name given to
describe or represent your current world around you. You are tuned to a 3 dimensional world.
Virtual reality video games are games that are trying to give you the feeling of this 3rd
dimensional world within a computer simulated scene. But as I said a moment ago, not only are
you in the 3rd dimension now, but you are also in the 10th, 4th, or whatever dimension at the
same time. So if you are within all higher dimensions now, then why can't you see or experience
You simply can't see or experience other dimensions because you are not tuned to them. It's just
like a television. You can't see or experience channel 11 when you are tuned to channel 4. The
same with a radio. You can't listen to 101.5 FM when you are tuned to 106.5 FM. Take a look at
your FM radio dial sometime. Notice it shows the frequencies in MHz (mega-hertz). 101.5 MHz
is in one place and 106.5 MHz is in another place. If you are listening to 101.5 FM and you want
to listen to the other, you have to change the frequency.
Experiencing other dimensions works in exactly the same way. You have to change the
wavelength of what you are now to where you want to be. In simpler words, the difference