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Brain Frequencies & Brain Inducers
Your brain is like a radio ... it can receive and emit electrical frequencies.
Frequencies are the intervals in which electrical activity is measured and
charted. The AM dial of your radio covers a certain kHz range. This is
the range that the AM signal is broadcasted from a radio tower and then
received by your radio antenna. The FM dial on your radio covers part of
the MHz range (Mega Hertz). This is the range that the FM signal is
broadcasted from a tower and then received by your radio antenna.
Everything around you emits some sort of electrical interval that can be
measured and charted. Everything from a hug to a lightening storm; from
a laser beam to microwaved food. From colors to sound. From the
rhythms of living organisms to the different layers of the Earth’s
atmosphere. Researcher Dan Winter has even been able to determine the frequency of a person
feeling and expressing the emotion of love. Love, has its own frequency range and geometry.
Some of these frequencies can easily be measured such as x-rays and radioactive rays but things
such as thought waves and emotional waves are still being researched.
Since everything is emitting frequencies of some sort, these frequencies are all around you and
are even penetrating your body. From the electrical pulse of a computer to the frequency waves
of a portable telephone; these unseen frequencies all pass through you. The Earth also has its
own assortment of frequencies.
The ionosphere is a layer of electrically charged particles that surrounds the planet. This layer
absorbs radio waves thus making it a charged layer. It extends about 80 miles from the surface of
the Earth and it forms a capacitor with the earth (meaning it is able to store an electrical charge,
like a battery). The great inventor, Nikola Tesla, knew all about this stuff. Everytime you plug
something into an electrical outlet you are getting a piece of Tesla’s creation into your life. He
also invented radar and was the true inventor of the radio (not Marconi). He was very
knowledgeable about the electrical charge of the earth’s ionosphere.
With the help of a special broadcast tower containing his famous Tesla Coil, he could power all
the light bulbs in an entire city from a far distance away using this “broadcasted” electrical
energy. If this coil/tower setup became a fully harnessed method of extracting electrical energy
from the Earth, you would need to just stick a steel pole into the ground along with a special
cheap setup to power everything in your house. Doesn't matter what part of the world you live in.
From the remote North Pole to the metropolis of New York. Remember, this is free-energy that
the earth naturally produces in unlimited amounts (unlike oil, gas energy which depletes natural
resources). For those who are interested, Tesla’s 'free energy system' was bumped out by the
industrialists of that time. After all, how could you meter free energy. These days, we are forced
to pay monthly to power things in our house ... when Telsa proved free energy could be a reality