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Neurological Triggers


These techniques go back hundreds of years and can give you very sharp & clear inner vision. All types of information is stored in your brain and these techniques will bring this information instantly into your mind. Give them plenty of practice and you will see what I mean. The pictures in your mind have to be very clear and powerful in order for your mind power to be effective. The clearer the picture, the easier it will be for you to feel as if you are actually experiencing your visualized goal.

This first method will enhance your general clarity of your inner eye. Go outside during the day when the sun is shining brightly. With your eyes closed, look directly at the sun. Ever heard of "full spectrum lights"? You can use these if you don’t live in a sunny place. Stare at the sun with your eyes closed for about 15 - 30 seconds.

With you eyes still closed and looking at the sun, massage your eyes for the same amount of time (15 - 30 seconds). This will produce lots of colors within your sight. Try to keep the colors focused in your mind and awareness as the colors appear. As you hold these colors in your mind and you can “see” them with your eyes closed, move your head away and back towards the sun a few times. Do this movement for about half a minute. Pause for a little and repeat the entire procedure a few times. Be careful not to rub your eyes too much; just a gentle massage. If you can hold the colors in your mind for more than 30 seconds, then continue to do so. The key is not to try and see the colors for a long time. The key is clarity in retaining what colors you see and the movement to and away from the sun.

What you are doing is stimulating the cones of your eyes which effects the direct interaction of information going to your brain - thus giving you a more clearer visualization ability. When I was a young boy, I remember rubbing my eyes (usually before bed). If it was dark in my room, rubbing my eyes for about 90 seconds cause me to see all sorts of colors and colored dots that looked liked stars in the sky (at least I used to pretend these little dots were stars). If I kept my eyes closed for a moment after my rubbing, I tried to counts the clumps or see clearly the individual dots of colors. Even though I think I rubbed my eyes too long (since they got sore), little did I know that I was improving my powers of visualization in an unplanned way.

This, and the methods to follow, might seem very basic but you should not underestimate the power that they have. You just need to work with them to see for yourself.

1)   This is an exercise for the lens of your eyes, which will keep them flexible and will in turn enhance your powers of visualization. Start by looking at a book placed at a distance of 6 inches away from you. Then look and focus on something far away (about 6 feet). If you wear glasses, don't use them for these exercises. Keep this focusing up back and forth without straining. This will give you great strength in the lenses of your eyes which will make it better to visualize. Remember, when you visualize you are still using your eyes (just in a different way) combined with your imagination.

2)   Place something that you can read on a wall at the same height as your eyes. This can be a page of newspaper or magazine or whatever. Stand as close as you need to in order to read the text. Next, step back a little and try to read the text. Practice this everyday going just a tad farther back each time. You only need to practice about a few minutes a day and remember with all these exercises ... DO NOT STRAIN YOUR EYES. You must remain relaxed.

3)   In this exercise you place a book as close to your face as possible but you can still be able to read it. Read for a few seconds. Practice daily for a few minutes.

The eye positions given now will open up hidden information in your brain as well as strengthen your memory, focus and learning capacity. These are natural neurological triggers that stimulate certain parts of your brain's electrical impulses which can then create specific results.

1)   To recall visual memories, look straight ahead and then up to the left. Hold your eyes here for 25 seconds. This process forces your mind to recall visual memories when you are wanting to remember them. It will also strengthen your visual memory (visualization).

2)   To access hearing or sound memory you need to look down and to the left. You must do this when you are visualizing something that has sound. Look down and to the left in your visualizing and your inner hearing will be more developed. This can be important because adding sound to your visualizing can increase your influence. If you are in that Alpha place of yours, maybe visualize a CD player at the bottom left corner of your sight. Look to that location in your visualizing and turn on the CD. Listening to music while you do Alpha work can bring total clarity in your visualizing over time. If your mind starts to tune into the physical music rather than the music in your visualizing, just do this trigger.

3)   To recall or enhance your touch memory or touch visualizing, practice looking down to the right. Practice these triggers in your daily life while you remember the appropriate memory (touch). When you visualize, do these triggers in your mind's eye and enhance the appropriate sensation.

4)   Looking up to the right is a very important trigger. While visualizing, this trigger can access new visual formations. For example, when you have created your imaginary Alpha room for seduction, lock it into this trigger by looking up to the right and telling yourself that your brain has now made a trigger connection with your Alpha place. Over time, it will become easier to access this Alpha scenario when you start to visualize and look up to the right to bring this place into your imagination. Practice in the day for 1 minute looking up to the right and create new visual images.

5)   Taste and smell can be accessed by looking straight down.

6)   To access new sound forms, look straight and to the right. If you practice this and use it in your visualizing, you will open yourself up to all sorts of new sounds.

7)   To recall auditory memory, look straight and to the left.

The key is this ... after you practice these exercises and recall the appropriate trigger (taste, touch, etc), do all the movements in the order shown for about 20 seconds each. This will open up your "third eye" and it will make your visualization penetrate the deep depths of your mind (the subconscious). This whole procedure can take only 5 minutes but will greatly enhance your visualization skill and creativity. You can do this 'going around the clock' procedure before you start your visualizing.

These brain triggers might seem like a mystery to you. They have also been called anchors or links. They are just physical movements or stimulus that creates a link to a specific psychological process, feeling or experience. Have you ever listened to a song that you haven't heard in years and when you listen to the song you can remember the time in your life when that song was prominent. You might not remember a specific moment but the song might be linked with a "great summer" or an old lover. Even listening to a song years later still brings up the old memories or feelings you felt then. This is just a trigger that has been made between the physical hearing of a song to a particular time in your past. If you've never experienced this then you are probably not old enough yet. The most prominent triggers of this sort are linked to your high school years since this is the flowering of emotional awareness combined with listen to a lot of music (as most youth do).

My first experience with this type of triggering was when I was a young boy. I used to play in a youth military band and for one summer we traveled all around southern Ontario in Canada, performing in parades and events. One time we were played in a 'old-age' retirement home for WWI and WWII veterans. We were to walk (or march) through this home where all the bed- ridden men were sitting in their wheel chairs or hospital beds. As about 25 of us young boys and girls played (accompanied with about 10 drummers), the Scottish war songs filled the air in this retirement home. Usually when we played in front of people, the people were always smiling (whether enjoying the music or laughing at us) or tapping their feet or clapping or whatever. But at this place, I noticed something that shocked me and my awareness ... As we marched through the building, most of the elderly men were in tears. Not just crying with a gentle sob but rather letting out all emotions with mouths hanging wide open and tears flowing like crazy. I couldn't hear their cries because the music was very loud, yet I realized at that moment what was happening. Our music was triggering all memories or feelings that these men had during their fighting days. Especially since most of these veterans were in regiments or militia units that had experience when pipe bands and brass bands use to literally play in the field along side the soldiers. It was at that moment that I realized the power of what the music that I was playing could do on people.

The point is that music can create a great trigger within people but music is not the only trigger. If you have a bad experience while in a high place ('height' not drug) you will associate those negative feelings with a high elevation and thus - fear of heights. The same sort of trigger has been created with all sorts of things in people's lives whether fearing the boogie man under the bed to a dislike of a particular food that gave you a bad experience. Sexual triggers are also very powerful and the most common triggers occur when looking a photograph and you remember or feel a past event.

You can use triggers to your advantage by creating your own neurological links with certain experiences or feelings. If every time when you felt very confident and incredibly happy you gently squeezed one of your ear lobes, you would be creating a trigger. The effect won't happen right away but if you keep up with the trigger for a few weeks or months, all you have to do is to do the exact same squeeze and the same confident feelings will come up. When you are in the height of your visualizing seduction scenario, maybe touch a certain two fingers together at this moment. If you keep this up each time, when you around the person you can do this trigger that you have created and your mind will emit all those vibrations and feelings that you were experiencing at the moment you programmed them into your trigger.

Even your basic Alpha state can be triggered to a discrete connection you make with your fingers, hands, ear lobes, or whatever. If you apply the exact same trigger every time you are in an Alpha state, then it won't be long when you can induce these Alpha waves just by applying the trigger. This is great if you are in public places and you wish to induce Alpha brainwaves when you are active. You can also create triggers with physical objects. You just link them with your experience over and over and soon you can just apply the trigger to get into that experience.

Triggers are only limited to your creativity. Here's one creative trigger. While you are visualizing your psychic touching, visualize yourself reaching up to the shoulder of the person you are working on. Place your hand on their shoulder gently for a quick second and then go back to your sexual visualizing. If you repeat this for a few weeks in your visualizing, wait till the person is in front of you and then quickly place your real hand in the exact same quick way on their shoulder (as you did in your visualizing). You will be activating a double trigger here ... your mental seduction Alpha influence and the person will quickly become turned on because you have induced this trigger to be associated with an erotic experience. You can touch their shoulder quickly in an nonintruding way if it's a quick 'reassurance' type of touch or if you want to pull up your sock or something and you need someone to lean on for a second. It's up to you to get creative with the art of triggering and up to you to figure out creative discrete ways to implement these. Just make sure that your trigger is the exact same when you are programming it and then applying it.

I'd love to hear of your creative uses for triggers as you develop skill at this. Also, let me know and write me about your success with the techniques in this book! See you on the internet list and members' area.