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“To better that which is good, best that which is better, making today better than
yesterday and tomorrow more glorified than today. Never resting on yesterday’s
splendor, we just cannot afford to sabotage tomorrow’s victory. Dance in the
limelight for a little while but forget not to rise up at the dawn of the day to do
something that is going to make today worth living for every mankind.” That is the
voice in the whispering wind, the sparkle in the eye of the morning sun. Every child
deserves his or her crown of championship, for all are champions though in different
fields. Each and every champion enters the stage to showcase a different gift while
the rest cheer in jubilation.
Greatness is in the heart and making of every child, none that has come to this world
without it. The field is wide; each and every one of us has a part to play in the lives of
the children around us. For as long as they are young, they are influenced by what
they see; a call to be positive role models. That is the call of every parent, guardian
and mentor, a sign that you are worthy of this call, to begin.
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