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Don’t be fooled by anyone
By no means shall time dine with anyone
For it takes no side
Whether born to beggary or prosperity
Time just flows and it’s up to you to draw.
Race not against it
Time is independent, just like the wind
It seeks
not your permission to flow
For there’s just but one master of time
That lives outside time
He only can turn it on or tune it off
The He who fashioned you.
So plan your life against the measure He’s given to you,
But race not against time
Tis like chasing after torrents
You never gonna catch them!
Waste not what you don’t possess for you live within it not without
You can’t recapture time that you let pass
So take control of your being
Plotting and planning every tip and dot of it.
Flow in that call,
Grow with that fall
Speak child, speak through that call
It’s your season; let none speak for you at all
For your call ushers you into the palaces of the greatest of them all
Ascend to greatness, for that’s your call
or be eaten.
Waithanga Otieno
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