Millions of Robots


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Book Description

Millions of Robots is a book emphasizing the need to review the system of education used in Kenya. The need for nurturing the talents of children as soon as they begin attending school instead of focusing on Class 8 and Form 4 exams to grade the children. Making use of the talent would greatly reduce joblessness and increase the availability of skills in the Kenyan market and internationally. Could Kenya be crippling herself with the approach used in the learning system?

Magdalene Otieno

Thanks Jeanette. I appreciate the way you taken time to read the book. Its been my desire to see to it that the education system in Kenya is reviewed. I believe that if we reviewed it appropriately we would cut the number of unemployed people in our society. We have got way too many beggars; millions of robots siting on their talents.

Jeanette Burton

I have just downloaded and started to read, and so far, I am very impressed. It has grabbed my attention straight away, as the author is saying what I've been thinking. I have had a keen interest in Kenya, and it helps me understand the education system better.


Magdalene Kamau - Otieno

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