Mike's Japan HTML version

The problem doesn‟t end there. For some annoying reason, many restaurants feel
obliged to give prices in an old fashioned script that you don‟t see anywhere else
except in Shinto temples and funeral parlours . Mercifully, it‟s simpler than Roman
numerals. Each character corresponds to a numeral normal people use. So if there
are three of them you know the price is less that 1000 yen. It helps to remember that
one horizontal stroke corresponds to 1, two strokes make 2 and three make 3. After
that it gets more difficult. Take a look at the picture, above, to see what I mean.
When I‟m in Tokyo, I often eat in the shopping area below Tokyo Station. There‟s a
vast expanse of streets down there and most are packed with restaurants. The main
customers are office workers so I try to avoid the midday break . Ten years ago, most
served Japanese meals. Now, I‟m having difficulty finding a place that does not serve
a Japanese version of Western food. If you want to eat Western (or something like it),
Tokyo Station could be the place for you.