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If you have time, stroll down the high street to the magnificent temple gardens (Top
image). These are shut after sunset so you might consider spending a second night in
Narita to see them. You could also take a trip into Tokyo. As always, surf the net to
find places to stay.
6 Tokyo
I have friends who left well-paid jobs in Tokyo for a more relaxed lifestyle but
they make frequent trips back. It’s a great place to visit. Whether you are a
teenage tearaway or a serious-minded intellectual, you’ll not be disappointed.
There’s a lot to turn you on so long as you have time to enjoy it.
When my wife and I go to Tokyo we generally stay in one of the many inns that
specialise in taking foreign guests . On our last two visits we stayed in Asakusa.
That‟s a famous temple area and it has a lot of character. I‟m reminded of parts of
London that have retained something of their Cockney heritage. There are stalls
selling things, guys with rickshaws, priests, nuns and girls in kimonos.