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17 Sex


Guys.  Bear in mind that Chinese women are relatively reserved when it comes to sex.  I'm not suggesting that there is no such thing as free love in China.  I'm merely trying to dampen any unrealistic expectations you might have.

If you are going to enjoy the delights of free love in China then it is most likely to be with a travelling companion with whom you started the trip or one you met on the way.  I don't entirely discount the possibility of finding a Chinese chick who shares your desires.  However, she'll probably want a cast-iron guarantee of marriage and relocation to the country of your birth.

You can, of course, resort to paid sex.  It is certainly available and there's a fare chance you will be propositioned: particularly if you venture into certain areas.  But be careful.  All that glitters is not gold.

I heard of a group of young Americans who were taken to a bar by a taxi driver who said it was a top place to meet girls.

"Lambs to the slaughter."

That was how a fellow American described it.  He was the owner of the backpacker hostel in Xian where they were staying.  The city is famous for the Terracotta Warriors.  What is not so widely known is that it is a major industrial centre with some very rough districts.

I dropped into the hostel on a social visit.  If I had been on holiday by myself I would have stayed there.  But I was with my wife and there was no way she would join me.  We had a hostel in Australia at the time and she wanted to get well clear of the hostel scene.

The incident with the young guys happened a few days earlier.  There were five of them.  They had a few drinks in the bar and were propositioned by a man with photographs of young girls.  The price the girls charged was low when expressed in dollars.

"Only sixteen ... very clean girls."

The guys had just left school and this was their first overseas trip.  Two of them were very uneasy about the whole thing and declined the offer.  The other three took it up with predictable results.  It was a version of a nasty scam that I had encountered in Australia.

The girls were indeed young but far more experienced than the boys.  They had hardly got started when some men in uniforms arrived and claimed to be police.  They spoke surprisingly good English and alleged that the girls were underage and having sex with underage girls was a very serious crime in China.  They could go to jail for years.

There was, of course, a way out and that meant handing over every item of value in their possession, including credit cards and pin numbers.  Dire warnings were issued about what would happen if the numbers didn’t work.  The boys returned to the hostel humiliated and in bare feet.  According to the hostel owner, they got off lightly.  They could have been very badly beaten.

There is a misconception about China.  Some people think that the country is ruled with an iron hand and there is no crime.  Don't believe it.  China has a law-and-order problem like everywhere else.





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REMEMBER:  You can go to China as a member of a group.  That is the easiest way to get a feeling for the vast country.  But there’s no need to join a group if you are an experienced traveller.  The Chinese are a friendly and helpful people. Their country is one of the safer places to visit.

Bon Voyage  ………  Mike.

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