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The corals come in a variety of shapes and colours and are home to a huge
variety of iridescent fish, giant clams, conga eels, starfish, turtles, giant
manta rays and other creatures ... a veritable wonderland.
You can visit the Reef as a scuba diver, snorkeler or someone who is happy
to sit in a glass-bottom boat. The most southerly point is Great Keppel Island
near Rockhampton. As you go northward, you will find boats taking people
out from McKay, Airlie Beach, Townsville, Mission Beach, Cairns, Port
Douglas and other places.
Where is the best point to see the Reef?
As a divemaster, I was often asked that question. People expected me to
say Cairns or some other top tourist spot. The answer is not that simple
since it depends on what you want to see.
If you are vaguely interested in the Reef and don't want to spend a lot of time
or money then I would recommend a trip to one of the inshore reefs or
inshore islands such as Great Keppel or Green Island (off Cairns). You won't
see the Reef at its most spectacular and the water will not be as clear as