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accordingly. Make sure you secure your night's accommodation at least a
day in advance.
10 Remember that it does rain in the outback. Months and sometimes years
of drought can be followed by torrential rain. Roads are cut and travellers are
marooned for days on end.
11 Yes. It is possible to cross the deserts of Central and Western Australia.
You need special permits and may be required to carry satellite distress
beacons. My friends in the rear vehicle (photo above) kept going when we
headed back home. They had all the necessary permits for the desert
crossings and were required to keep to a tight schedule.
3 Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is clearly visible from space. It stretches for
over 1500 km (1000 miles), along the tropical coast of Queensland, from
Rockhampton in the south to the tip of Cape York Peninsular in the far
north. It is not continuous, as the name suggests, but is made up of
hundreds of individual reefs. Some are tens of kilometres across.
Others are much smaller.
The reefs are living. They are built by coral animals that secrete hard shells
about their soft bodies. The small creatures crowd together to form colonies
and it is these that we think of when we talk about "coral". Break a piece of
dead coral and you will see the small tubes where the coral animals once