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expert examination. Training is provided. Further information:
Outback farm: The correct name is property. Americans would call them
ranches. They are so big that the English name farm doesn't apply. While
we ran our hostel we were able to provide a steady stream of people for
properties out west. Some did domestic work, caring for children and the
like. Others worked with the animals (cattle and sheep). It was a mutually
beneficial arrangement and I never heard anything but praise from both
sides. If you are thinking of taking such a job, bear in mind that you will be
living in an isolated location. In some of the remoter areas, your nearest
neighbours could be fifty or more kilometres away. If you are thinking of
working with animals it's as well to have prior experience. Being able to ride
a horse helps. Most of all, you must be prepared to work hard and put up
with tough conditions. The farming industry's web page provides detailed
Environment: If you want to care for the environment or be a willing helper
on an organic farm visit the web pages of the Australian Conservation
Volunteers or WWOOF.
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