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One of my favourite examples is the type of house (above) often referred to
as a Queenslander. They are found across northern Australia and are well
suited to hot climates.
The typical Queenslander is of wooden construction and perched on stumps.
It has a corrugated iron roof and extensive verandas. Rooves are often
curved and ornamented with ventilators and decorative ironwork . Louvered
blinds hang above veranda rails to provide shade and decorative panels fill
the space below. High ceilings and ornate mouldings help to create pleasing
9 Backpacker Hostels
The modern backpacker hostel came into existence about twenty-five
years ago. My involvement began when I was working as a divemaster
on boats taking tourists to the Great Barrier Reef. I have friends who
got into the business through mountaineering and others through
sailing. We saw a need for cheap basic accommodation and set out to
provide it.
Since those early days, the industry has evolved into something quite
different. Looking at the advertisements on the internet, I am sometimes
disappointed to see how commercialised everything has become.