Mike's Australia HTML version

Whether you are into marine sports or just want to lazy around and
relax, you will love our beaches. There are awesome opportunities for
wave surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, wake surfing, kayaking, jet
skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming and much more.
The golden sands, fringed with palm trees, are what dreams are made of but
have their hazards. Bear in mind that it's not healthy to sun bake, drowning
is bad for you, jellyfish sting, sharks bite and crocodiles kill.
Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world . When I was a divemaster,
my gear for supervising dives from boats was dark blue cotton shirt, jeans
and a wide-brimmed army hat. I applied sun screen to every inch of bare
flesh including the tops of my bare feet. A fellow divemaster of Maori
ancestry took a good tan but was equally diligent. He had an uncle who died
of skin cancer. It's not just fair-skinner northern Europeans who are at risk.