Microsoft Windows Performance Boost HTML version

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Creating a Restore Point and Exporting Your Registry
Chapter 2: How to eliminate start up items
Chapter 3: How to delete unneeded Registry keys and settings old programs leave behind
Chapter 4: Registry Repair Tools-Maintaining your Windows Registry has never been easier
Chapter 5: Registry Hacks- Tips and tricks to customize your Registry
Chapter 1
Creating a Restore Point and Exporting Your Registry
Learning how to create a restore point will give you a very powerful tool in helping you maintain
your Windows installation. Example….Let’s say you install a program and after it is set up you
notice it is causing your system to crash, you uninstall it reboot but nothing changes. Now you’re
stuck. This is where learning how to create a system restore point can save your neck. Always
create a restore point when making any changes to your operating system and you will always be
able to recover in the event you damage your installation. This is absolutely imperative when
working on your Windows registry. Never edit your registry without completing the tasks in this
chapter first.
Step 1: Creating a Restore Point Windows Vista Users
Right Click on My Computer
Select Properties
Click on System Protection on the tasks menu.
Click on the Create Button
You should get a screen similar to the one on the next page