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Microsoft Windows Performance Boost (Vol. 1)
Increase your computer’s performance the easy way!
Learn the secrets computer professionals don’t want you to know.
For Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and 98
By James Peterson, Courtesy of © Copyright 2009 all rights reserved.
Is my System Past its Prime?? When your computer was brand new it was running at its peek
performance. There was no waiting when you clicked on an icon or visited a web page. There were no pop
ups or mysterious errors slowing you down. Now those days are gone and you may be thinking your
computer is past its prime, out of date or just plain broken. I have been working on computers for 20 years
and I will tell you rarely is hardware ever the problem. In fact I will put a well maintained older system against
a newer poorly maintained system any day of the week. What does this mean? Repairing your version of
Windows and learning simple maintenance steps will save you from spending hundreds of dollars on a new
computer. I find most people would rather give up and buy a new computer then learn how to repair and
maintain the one they already own. Hey I understand lazy we all get that way when it comes to learning new
things. That’s why I have tried by best to make this book as simple and easy to follow as possible.
In this volume I will teach you how to repair and maintain your Windows Registry. As you will learn the
registry is the most important factor in the performance equation. When you are done reading download my
Registry Repair Tool it has the ability to perform system maintenance, optimization tasks as well as
registry repairs automatically with just a few mouse clicks. I hope you enjoy reading!!!
What is the Windows Registry?
It is the reason your computer is running slow. As a computer technician I find that 90% of Windows related
performance issues as well as system crashes are due to errors in the Windows Registry. The Windows
Registry is the place where all your configuration settings are stored. The Windows Registry is huge
because it stores every setting from the background of your desktop all the way to what programs load when
your computer starts. The registry accounts for it all. Every time you install a new program it makes changes
to your Windows registry. Even settings for your hardware are stored in the registry. The longer you have
your computer the more errors seem to find their way into your registry, along with useless information and
unnecessary configuration settings that tend to bog your system down. These things can wreak havoc on
your system. Learning the ins and outs of the Windows registry will give you the power to fix almost any
problem affecting your computer.
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