Microsoft Windows Clean Up HTML version

Chapter 2
Removing start-up items from your Windows Registry
Don’t forget to create a system restore point and export a copy of your registry. See chapter 1
for help.
Note: The process of removing start-up programs in your registry is the same in every version of
Step 1: open the registry editor
Click start then run (search in Vista) then type in regedit
Step2: Deleting the keys in run the folder
A Quick note on the Registry
Now don’t let yourself get intimidated here. The registry is a huge directory so it can be easy to
get lost but at the same time it’s well organized. On the Left is the directory structure which in
most cases is broken up into 5 folders called hive keys. There are some folders that could be open
so if this is the case scroll up to the top and close the open folder. Now the only Hive we care
about is hkey_ local_machine. Lets go ahead and highlight this key. Now on the Right hand side
are the values for this particular key. It is this pane we will be making our changes. With this in
mind let’s get started
Let’s start with opening hkey_local_machine by clicking the plus sign or triangle. You
should see several folders drop down. We are looking for the software key. Locate the
software key and open it. Now you will see a huge list of folders drop down. Instead of
scrolling through these various folders we are going to click on the very first one and type
in M. This will get you pretty close to the Microsoft key which will be the next key we
need to open. Next using the same technique type in W and find Windows. Make sure
you click on a key in that folder. Open the Windows key and find current version. After
opening current version find and highlight run. Very important to make sure you are in
the right key because at this point we are going to start making some changes. Look at the
contents of the right pane. It shows a column for name, type, and data. If you need to
expand the name column click on the divider and hold while pull it to the right. As far as
deleting these keys here my take. If you’re not sure don’t do it. In all reality you can’t
hurt yourself here but you may want to keep programs such as Virus protections, firewall,
and other vital software running so choose carefully. Most of the time there is quite a bit
of junk you don’t need in here so cleaning this key out most always significantly boosts
your performance. Once you are done just close the registry editor. Your changes will
take place once the system reboots.