Microsoft Windows Clean Up HTML version

Chapter 1
Creating a system restore point and Exporting your Windows XP/Vista Registry
It is very important to remember to always export a copy of your Windows Registry and create a
restore point before making any attempts to edit your Registry.
Step 1: Windows Vista Users- Creating a System Restore Point
Right Click on my computer and select Properties
Click on System Protection on the tasks menu
You should see a Window with your hard drive/s in it. Your C: should be already checked.
Click on the Create Button
Name your restore point appropriately by date
Now Click on the Create Button
A conformation screen should appear when your restore point is completed
Windows XP Users- Creating a System Restore Point
The best way is to find help and support in your start menu and type: system restore wizard
Find and run the system restore wizard under run tasks
From here it’s the same process as Vista
Step 2: Exporting your Windows Registry (all versions)
Follow these steps for every version of Windows
Click start then run (search in Vista)
Type in regedit
Now select file then export
Name your file appropriately and save
Now you have a system restore point as well as a copy of your registry.
If for some reason you delete or edit the wrong key you can simply repeat the exporting process
and or course select import. In case importing the registry file doesn’t work you can always revert
to the system restore point.