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definitely what I'll do. That's when I'll make the big change. First
of all though, I've got to get up, my train leaves at five."
And he looked over at the alarm clock, ticking on the chest of
drawers. "God in Heaven!" he thought. It was half past six and the
hands were quietly moving forwards, it was even later than half
past, more like quarter to seven. Had the alarm clock not rung? He
could see from the bed that it had been set for four o'clock as it
should have been; it certainly must have rung. Yes, but was it
possible to quietly sleep through that furniture-rattling noise? True,
he had not slept peacefully, but probably all the more deeply
because of that. What should he do now? The next train went at
seven; if he were to catch that he would have to rush like mad and
the collection of samples was still not packed, and he did not at all
feel particularly fresh and lively. And even if he did catch the train
he would not avoid his boss's anger as the office assistant would
have been there to see the five o'clock train go, he would have put
in his report about Gregor's not being there a long time ago. The
office assistant was the boss's man, spineless, and with no
understanding. What about if he reported sick? But that would be
extremely strained and suspicious as in fifteen years of service
Gregor had never once yet been ill. His boss would certainly come
round with the doctor from the medical insurance company, accuse
his parents of having a lazy son, and accept the doctor's
recommendation not to make any claim as the doctor believed that
no-one was ever ill but that many were workshy. And what's more,
would he have been entirely wrong in this case? Gregor did in fact,
apart from excessive sleepiness after sleeping for so long, feel
completely well and even felt much hungrier than usual.
He was still hurriedly thinking all this through, unable to decide to
get out of the bed, when the clock struck quarter to seven. There
was a cautious knock at the door near his head. "Gregor",
somebody called - it was his mother - "it's quarter to seven. Didn't
you want to go somewhere?" That gentle voice! Gregor was