Metamorphosis and Rebirth HTML version

with endless tunnels
bushes and grass,
I would like insert my head
as the others do,
but not enter.
However, I eat the sun
I'm king of the lizards,
they are deployed around me,
and stare at me.
No need for words,
we contemplate the same God of the sun
and we satisfy the same desire for light and peace.
Before long
the night come, with its slow pace
to wrap the derelict bench
and, while they
remain lizards
I will be back again man.
The weather is changing
It stopped raining just now
and I move the steps slowly
like every natural thing that changes:
In this September evening
the weather is changing,
small signs there say it,
the old men sitting behind the windows
already know this,
I know, the feel on the skin,
also you know
because it is already dark at this time of all times,
on the way home,