Metamorphosis and Rebirth HTML version

and crucified on the cross of my selfishness.
I know that no one will cry at my feet,
no one will pierce with a spear
and no one will give me vinegar to drink.
Neither I hope to save me,
because who could invoke if not myself?
I nailed his hands and feet,
hoping not to be a man,
but now I can only say:
"Father, forgive myself
because I know what I did. "
At the first sun,
I leave the house
like a lizard from the hibernation.
It's me,
if I see myself in the mirror ...
I will see me as a being shaded green
tinged with gray:
it's due to the cold of the past months;
a forked tongue:
too many blows to the life,
at the end they split into two
as a wooden sword.
And the tail,
the long tail
for too many lies,
because when you listen to too many lies
even fairy tales are reversed
and, in place of the nose
grows the tail.
On the way there is a bench
carved in stone,