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Note On The Author
So Celtic in feeling and atmosphere are the stories of Donn Byrne that many of
his devotees have come to believe that he never lived anywhere but in Ireland.
Actually, Donn Byrne was born in New York City. Shortly after his birth, however,
his parents took him back to the land of his forefathers. There he was educated
and came to know the people of whom he wrote so magically. At Dublin
University his love for the Irish language and for a good fight won him many
prizes, first as a writer in Gaelic and second as the University's lightweight boxing
champion. After continuing his studies at the Sorbonne and the University of
Leipzig, he returned to the United States, where, in 1911, he married and
established a home in Brooklyn Heights. He earned his living, while trying to write
short stories, as an editor of dictionaries. Soon his tales began to attract attention
and he added to his collection of boxing prizes many others won in short-story
contests. When MESSER MARCO POLO appeared in 1921 his reputation in the
literary world was firmly established. Thereafter, whatever he wrote was hailed
enthusiastically by his ever-growing public, until 1928, when his tragic death in an
automobile accident cut short the career of one of America's best-loved story-