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Mercy - Episode 9 - Playing with Fire HTML version

Episode 9 – Playing With Fire
Scene 1
Kyle: Alright, so what you drinking?
Dr. Tucker asked David as the two of them took a seat in the corner booth of a small sports bar.
David: Brandy.
David replied like he had already made up his mind before setting foot in the bar.
Kyle: How symbolic of you, considering your father probably washed down half a bottle of this
stuff every night before he went to bed.
David: Yeah you’re right. My father drank a lot; probably more than he should have, but he was
a good man and tonight I’m not drinking out of guilt or grief. Tonight is all celebratory.
Kyle: Oh yeah? And what is it that you’re celebrating Dr. Kurt?
David: Everything.
David grinned with a sense of pride as he stared forward at the neuro surgeon who was sitting
across from him.
Kyle: Well, in that case, why don’t I go order us a couple of drinks while you take a look at this?
Kyle suggested when he held up a thickly padded manila folder. David glared back at it shadily.
David: Is that what I think it is?
Kyle: Yes.
Kyle nodded his reply as he sat the folder down in the center of the table.
David: And why are you giving it to me now? Isn’t it again hospital policy or something?
Kyle: Or something, but never mind that. No one has to know that I gave this to you.
David: Is this the reason that you invited me here for a drink?
Kyle: Maybe a little, but two years ago I lost my partner to an accident. He’d been hit head on by
a guy that had fallen asleep at the wheel. He was alive and conscious when the medics arrived
but by the time they rushed him into the trauma center he was non responsive. Later on he was
pronounced brain dead and I was the one left to make all the decisions.