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Mercy - Episode 8 - Changing Course HTML version

Episode 8 – Changing Course
Scene 1
The clock at his bedside said that it was a quarter to seven. Andrew was lying flat on his back.
He was wearing an expression of aspiration as his target for such straddled him vigorously.
Andrew: Ahh, that’s right. Ride that dick. Ride it good and tell me how much you like it.
Andrew grunted, lifting his hips forcefully as Carter: his latest playmate: a freshly turned twenty-
one year old twink that he had picked up at Brock’s the night before; was bouncing up and down
on the shaft of his cock.
Carter: Oh I like it. I love it. I love the way your cock feels in my ass.
Carter replied with an expression of enjoyment. Andrew shook his head, dissatisfied with the
volume level at which his playmate was speaking.
Andrew: Say it louder.
Carter: Louder?
The younger man looked shyly down at Andrew, who nodded in response.
Andrew: Fuck yeah. I wanna hear you scream it.
Carter: But what about your roommate?
Andrew: Yeah, what about him?
Carter: Well, it’s early. I don’t wanna wake him up.
Andrew: Oh hell, don’t worry about him. He don’t mind. He’s a heavy sleeper anyhow.
Andrew brushed off the concern. Carter looked back suspiciously questioning the approval.
Carter: Are you sure?
Andrew: Yes I’m sure.
Andrew said with exasperation as he sat up, grabbing hold of his partner and then using his
strength to turn him onto his back. Now Carter was the one that was lying on his back, staring up
at Andrew who was looking back with eyes that were full of demand.
Andrew: Now, stop worrying about my roommate and start begging me to pound that tight little
asshole of yours.