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Mercy - Episode 7 - Exam Rm 7 HTML version

Episode 7 – Exam Room 7
Scene 1
Tony Reeves was in a hurry when he stepped up to the nurses’ station of the ER at Mercy
Medical Hospital to find a middle aged balding male behind the desk.
Frank: Good evening Dr. Reeves. I didn’t think you were working today.
The man told the doctor as he looked up to see him.
Tony: I wasn’t, but never mind the small talk Frank. I need you to call upstairs stat and tell them
to book an OR for an incoming patient.
Frank: Alright Dr. Reeves, but what should I tell them.
Frank questioned as he reached for the phone to make the call.
Tony: Tell them that I’ve got a VIP patient in critical condition and he’s going to need surgery
asap and then find me a team of nurses’ to meet the bus at the trauma doors when it gets here.
The patient is one of our own and that makes him top priority.
Tony was already getting ready to walk away as he had answered Frank’s questions, but the
nurse looked at him with one last inquiry.
Frank: VIP? Dr. Reeves, who should I them the patient is?
Tony: Tell them the patient is Dr. Avery Pryce.
Tony answered abruptly before finally walking away and rushing to the trauma doors…
Five Days Earlier
Day 1
Scene 2
Noah: You know Avery, I can’t stress to you enough just how glad I am that you decided to
come have dinner with me tonight.
Noah said as he and Avery were sitting beside one another at the counter in his apartment.
Avery: Me too, especially since you agreed to order Thai food from my favorite place.