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Mercy - Episode 6 - Eye Candy HTML version

Episode 6 – Eye Candy
Scene 1
Andrew: You have gotta be kidding me. You’re the guy that’s replacing Marcum?
Andrew groaned as he pulled Neil into the supply closet in the firehouse and shut the door. The
two of them had only just left Larry’s office.
Neil: Yeah, it’s pretty awkward right?
Neil replied as a playfully flirtatious grin smeared across his face. Andrew looked back at Neil,
narrowing his eyes and speaking at a serious scale.
Andrew: This isn’t funny.
Neil: Yeah it kind of is.
Neil argued with a nod of his head. Andrew sighed as he bit down on the inside of his lip.
Andrew: Well I’m glad that you find all of this so amusing. Did you know about this last night?
Neil: What that we were gonna be working together for the next two weeks?
Andrew: Yeah.
Andrew nodded. Neil replied with a sigh of his own while shaking his head with denial.
Neil: No.
Andrew: Really? So last night when we fucked you had no idea who I was?
Neil: I’m being honest here. I had no idea that we were gonna be working together. I knew that I
was gonna be covering for Marcum, but I had no idea that you were his partner. I swear it.
Neil put his hand up to show his sincerity. Andrew didn’t know Neil well enough to be sure that
he could trust his word, but he also didn’t have any reason to assume that the guy would lying
Neil: But hey, this shouldn’t be a problem right? We should be able to work together without any
problem. Shit, it might even make things a little more fun, don’t you think?
Neil’s grin got bigger as he reached out and put his hand to the front of Andrew’s chest. Then he
stepped forward and looked right into Andrew’s eyes that were darker than normal as they
reflected the royal blue color of his uniform shirt.