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Mercy - Episode 5 - Scarier Things HTML version

Episode 5 – Scarier Things
Scene 1
Noah woke to the sound of someone pounding on his front door. He sat up rubbing the sleep
from his eyes as he heard the sound again.
“Hey Noah” Someone called out, following the sound of the banging.
On impulse, Noah jumped out of bed and grabbed a pair of pants from his bedroom floor. He
tried to pull them on as speedily as possibly while still trying to wake up.
“Come on Noah.” The noise continued. “I know you’re in there. I saw you’re car downstairs.”
Noah: I’m coming.
Noah called out to try and stall the racket as he finished putting on and zipping his pants. It did
no good since the knocking and shouting persisted anyways, this time even louder, “NOAH
Noah: Alright, alright.
Noah shouted as he made his way through his small, one bedroom apartment. It was messy, not
filthy, but there was a system of organized chaos that only he understood. He opened the front
door immediately upon reaching it, desperate to answer it before any of his neighbors
complained about the violation of noise.
Noah: Kelton?
Noah asked unsteadily as he opened the door to a slender built man with a disheveled
appearance; he was someone that Noah knew very well. The man responded, as Noah rubbed the
sleep from his blurry eyes.
Kelton: Yeah, and gawd am I glad to see you. Can I come in?
Noah: Kelton what the fuck are you doing here? It’s after midnight and you’re pounding on my
door. Are you trying to wake my neighbors?
Noah questioned ignoring Kelton’s request to come inside. He was frustrated at having been
woken up so late when he was supposed to be up for work early in the morning.
Kelton: I’m sorry man.
Kelton apologized with what seemed like sincere regretfullness.
Kelton: I know it’s late. I just really need a favor and you’re the only one I know I can ask.