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Mercy: Episode 4 - Pagers and Pastries HTML version

Episode 4 – Pagers and Pastries
David Kurt
Scene 1
A set of elevator doors opened up on the first floor of Mercy Medical Hospital revealing that
David and Avery were both inside. Avery gave out a large sigh of enragement.
Avery: Look, I get that you’re only trying to help me out, but I don’t appreciate you sticking
your nose in my business and quite frankly I’m exhausted with your smug self- righteous attitude.
So please, take your advice someplace else. I’m not interested.
The blonde rolled his eyes, which was something David had already predicted he would do. He
was growing accustomed to the way that Avery reacted to things. After the eye rolling, the cardio
surgeon turned around and stormed off in a huff. David snickered to himself with amusement,
not aware that there was an audience.
Tony: Hot headed little shit isn’t he?
David turned to see Tony Reeves coming towards him. He only had to wonder for a brief second
who Tony was talking about.
David: You mean Avery?
Tony: He’s next to impossible to reason with and even more impossible to work with. If it wasn’t
for the fact that his father is my boss, I’d have told the guy to fuck off ages ago.
David felt the impact of insult in Tony’s badmouthing of Avery Pryce. He sighed at Dr. Reeves
and barked back defensively, almost protectively on the behalf of his best friend’s brother.
David: Do you talk this way about everybody when they’re not around or this just lapse in
Tony: Sorry, I didn’t know the two of you were such good friends.
Tony retorted condescendingly. David ignored the remark and moved forward.
David: Is there something that you needed Dr. Reeves?
Tony: Yes actually.
Tony took the bait, changing the subject accordingly, which pleased David.