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Mercy: Episode 3 - Closet Space HTML version

Episode 3 – Closet Space
Scene 1
David and Andrew were standing in the center of an unfurnished living room. The walls had
been freshly painted and the proof of it hit their noses with scorn. A woman with curly brown
hair was standing about fifteen feet away from them, next to a large window.
Alice: You guys are just going to love this view.
The woman squealed as she drew open the shades. Light filled the room as David and Andrew
stepped over to the window. They gazed down onto a beautiful skyline view of the city.
David: You’re right. The view is amazing.
David was impressed by what he was looking down upon. Mercy looked so neat and tidy from
where he was standing. He was seeing it at this angle for the first time ever. Andrew turned
away, to express his disinterest in the beauty of a city he knew like the back of his hand.
Andrew: I’ve seen better. What I want to see is the bedrooms; especially since that’ll be where I
spend most of my time.
Alice: Well the bedrooms still need a little bit of work, but I’d be happy to show them to you
The woman said as a formality. Andrew was already making his way over there. Alice and David
followed right behind him.
Andrew: You’re right. This one does need a lot of work.
Andrew declared as he entered one of the bedrooms in the apartment that Alice was showing to
him and David. The floor here was uncarpeted and the walls were only partially painted. Painting
supplies were scattered on the floor. David observed the room knowing that it could easily be his
David: How long will it take before it’s ready for someone to move in?
Alice: Only a couple of days. My son Jason should be done painting today and the new carpeting
is scheduled to be put in tomorrow. You could move in this weekend if you wanted. It really is a
nice apartment. I know that it doesn’t seem like much now, but it has a lot of potential.