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Mercy: Episode 2 - The Future HTML version

Episode 2 – The Future
Scene 1
It was just after dark when Andrew pulled his car into the parking lot behind the firehouse. He
had a few minutes before he had to head inside and start his shift. He had a long twenty-four
hours shift ahead of him. As he sat in the driver’s side of his car, Andrew reached into his coat
pocket for his phone. He searched through the contacts until the name David Kurt appeared and
he hit the send button. The sound of a ring tone echoed as he put the phone up to his ear. It rang
only twice before it went to voice mail and the sound of David’s voice took over.
Voice Message: Hey this is David. Just leave me a message and I’ll get back to you soon.
Andrew waited for the message to end and then a beep sound queue him in.
Andrew: Hey Fucker. What gives? This is the third time I’ve called you in the last few days. It’s
not really like you not to answer the phone or at least call me back.
Andrew rubbed the side of his face with his free hand as he paused between words.
Andrew: So anyways dude I’m sitting outside the firehouse right now and I’ve got a pretty long
night ahead of me, so you seriously need to return my call and help me pass some of the time
Andrew paused again. Then he let out a heavy sigh before saying one last thing.
Andrew: And look um, I’m not normally the one to say this shit and you know it, but I’m
worried about you so stop this bullshit, pick up your phone, and call me the fuck back.
Andrew turned off his phone and shoved it back into his jacket pocket. Then he pulled his keys
from the ignition, grabbed his knapsack from the passenger’s seat, and climbed out of his car. He
used the automatic door lock on his key chain. The car made a chirp sound that let him know it
was secure. He was stuffing his keys into the same pocket with his phone as he marched with
conceit into the firehouse where he worked…
Scene 2
It was dark when David saw the sign that read “Mercy 10 Miles North”. He was relieved to be so
close to his destination. He had been on the road for over two days now and had only stopped for
the bare minimal necessities.
Just after he passed the Mercy city sign, David grabbed his phone from the cup holder that sat
between the two front seats. As he glanced at the screen he could see that the phone was dead.