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Mercy - Episode 10 - The Unexpected HTML version

Episode 10 – The Unexpected
Scene 1
Noah shut the door to his apartment and tossed his keys onto the coffee table. Then he sat back
onto the sofa and reached for the envelope that Sid Raymond had given him the day before. He
was no longer just curious to know what was inside. After having spent the day with the Pryce
family to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, there was now something else driving him. He had
been given the chance to see a loving family in action; to witness the outcome of having parents
that cared for and were proud of their children. The envelope held the possibility that Noah could
someday have even a fraction of what Avery, Andrew and Amber had experienced.
Noah: Here goes.
Noah took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Then, in the same manner that he would use to pull a
bandage from an open wound, the nurse hastily tore open the seal. He did it quick because he
was afraid to change his mind if he gave it another moment’s thought.
Noah: I swear to god Sid, you better not make me regret this.
Noah threatened an empty room as he reached into the opened sleeve of yellow butcher paper
and began to remove the items within it.
Noah: What the hell Sid.
Noah swore as he glanced over the first item he had pulled from the envelope. It appeared to be
some type of legal record, but was printed in a language that Noah could not read. After
examining it for a moment, he laid it down on the table in front of him and reached into the
envelope again. Just like the document before it, the second one was also written in another
language. It was a letter handwritten in black ink on top of faded stationary.
Noah: Is this your writing?
Noah questioned, wondering if his birth mother had written the letter herself and speaking to the
air as if she could hear him. Then he stared at the symbols as if somehow the ability to read and
understand them would come to him like magic before finally giving up and placing it on the
coffee table beside the other document. He then pulled the third and final item from the
envelope. His eyes grew wide as he looked at it. It was a photograph; one of a very young
looking Asian girl. She couldn’t have been any more than seventeen when the picture was taken.
“Is this why you gave me up?” Noah interrogated his own mind with thoughts that were directed
at the mother who had given him up for adoption. “Were you too young to be a mother?”