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PayPal Merchant Account Toolkit For Small Online Business 1
PayPal Merchant Account Toolkit For Small Online Business
by : Kane Deng (
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Online merchant account is very important for online business, because
you need to accept money payments online, and can't force buyers send checks
to you, and then you ship your products. Online buyers want to get your products
immediately, don't want to wait for weeks, especially information related products
or services. So, immediate online payments accepting is very essential for
every online business.
There are many merchant account service companies, most of them charge you
high setup fee and monthly fee. This way is not very suitable for startup
small business, because they haven't so many sales orders at that time. PayPal
doesn't charge both setup fee and monthly fee, only this can save you plenty
of money, and cost saving is very essential for startup small business.
Perhaps many people think PayPal only a personal money transfering tool,
and don't know the powerful merchant account function. PayPal is becoming
more and more popular on the Internet, so taking PayPal as your merchant
account is very convenient for your online business. PayPal can handle
instant paying between sellers and buyers, you don't need to wait for many
days to verify if the payment is valid. In just several dozens of seconds,
the money belongs to you forever.
You may wonder what about the people with no PayPal account, it's very easy,
PayPal can handle it smoothly. The people can pay you using their credit card
directly, and PayPal let you accept both PayPal accounts and credit cards.
2.Open a PayPal premier or business account
If you don't own a business, and just want to send payments and to receive
credit card payments, you can select premier account; if you want to use PayPal
to send and receive payments for your business, the business account is the right
choice. I suggest you select the business account for receiving payments purpose.